What is an agency? Synthesize knowledge about Agency in Marketing

Although now every business has its own marketing team to develop the brand. However, they still find the Agency . So do you know what an Agency is or not? Let’s discover what you need to know about the Agency through the article below!

1. What is an agency?

Agency is used to refer to businesses that specialize in providing specialized services at the request of other individuals, organizations and businesses. In Vietnam, when it comes to agencies, people often think of companies providing consulting services in the field of communication.

Agency La GiThe concept of Agency

Often media agencies will provide services in the areas of PR, marketing and advertising. There are agencies that focus on only a certain area, but there are also agencies that operate in all three areas.

With a team of professionals with good expertise and skills, the working methods of the Agency are diverse and highly effective. They do not belong to any company. Everything will be carried out based on the agreement and needs of the customer.

2. What types of agencies are included?

Although when it comes to agencies, we often think of media and advertising companies, but in reality there are many different types of agencies, such as Recruitment Agency, Employment Agency, Travel agency… Some types of Agency for you to better understand what an Agency is!

2.1 Marketing Agency

Marketing Agency is a company specializing in consulting and providing marketing, advertising, communication services, … through different channels, in order to help client companies build and develop brands. Every business when looking to an agency has a different purpose. The agency will base on the actual situation of each business and have a suitable marketing strategy.

Types Of Agency

2.2 Recruitment Agency

Recruitment Agency or recruitment company are businesses specializing in providing personnel recruitment services at the request of other businesses. The main function of Recruitment Agency is to find suitable candidates for the positions that the business requires.

Thanks to the human resource recruitment service, businesses can find talent at a low cost in a short time. It also ensures the security of strategic business information.

2.3 Employment Agency

In contrast to Recruitment Agency, Employment Agency specializes in providing job search services to candidates and collecting their fees. An Employment Agency can be private or government and is also known as a job placement agency or job placement agency.

In Vietnam, this type of agency is not as popular as in foreign countries. Because candidates will have to pay a rather high fee, usually 1 month salary or more, to the Agency when they find a job for the candidate.

2.4 Travel Agency

Travel agencies or travel agents are intermediary organizations specializing in arranging travel arrangements on behalf of customers with companies and travel service providers including: airlines, restaurants, hotels,… The revenue Travel Agency receives is the commission from travel service providers.

Understanding what an agency is and the types of agencies in Vietnam will help you have the most comprehensive view of this field. At the same time, it also helps you choose the type of Agency you like and suitable to develop your career.

3. Working in an agency needs the following skills

3.1 Observation skills

“We can’t be more creative than we can live with.” The products produced by companies to solve the needs of life, so is the media. Observe more because those are great sources of inspiration for creativity.

3.2 Analytical skills

An agency person always has a question “Why?”. When observing events and things around, ask the question why is it so, where is its root cause? When you really understand the nature of things and events, then you can be creative.

Skills In Agency CompanySkills required when working in an agency

3.3 Logical thinking skills

The ultimate aim of communication is to “solve the problem”. To solve and get a desired result, logical thinking is indispensable.

3.4 Communication skills

A person who works in communication but lacks communication skills, his thoughts are still incomplete, how can he convince the customer’s brand to reach the consumer?

3.5 Teamwork skills

To get great creative ideas, it is indispensable for a team from creative, planner, design… No one can do it alone in an advertising company.

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