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What is Summary of knowledge about you should know

What is  is certainly not a strange concept for the field of software, web development. However, it is certain that young people who are just starting out in this field must still be surprised by this concept. Therefore, here we will bring you the most detailed information about Let’s follow along!

1. What is

What is ? This is a web application platform widely designed and developed by Microsoft. It is an open source language and a collection of the .NET Framework. With version 1.0 of the .NET Framework, was first released in January 2002. La Gi Tong Hop Kien Thuc Ve Asp Concept of is built on the CLR platform, which stands for the English phrase: Common Language Runtime. Readers should note that is an organizational method or framework for setting up applications, not a programming language. allows programmers to execute their code in any .net language. applications can be written in a variety of .Net languages.

Usually, popular languages ​​include C#, VB.Net and J#. It is specially designed to help website developers create dynamic web pages. has a particularly impressive feature that is the server control. It can separate code from content, allowing WYSIWYG to edit pages easily.

2. Structure of

According to the research of experts, the structure of ASP.NET is formed by the following main components. La Gi Tong Hop Kien Thuc Ve Asp 1 Structure of

Languages:  Currently, there are many different programming languages ​​that exist in the .NET Framework. Some commonly used programming languages ​​are: and C#. These 2 languages ​​are often used to develop web applications.

Libraries:  .NET Framework usually has standard library classes, so they are commonly used for web applications inside .net as Wrb library. In addition, the web library includes the necessary components to use for developing any web-based application.

Time required to execute the CLR programming language:  It is considered one of the infrastructures of most popular programming languages ​​and includes a CLI platform used for the implementation process. run .NET program ads. Normally, the CLR only performs the main business operations to handle some individual cases as well as collect garbage.

3. Benefits of using

Do you know what the benefits of are  ? Using gives programmers a lot of useful uses such as: La Gi Tong Hop Kien Thuc Ve Asp 2 Benefits of

  • is used to create powerful and scalable web applications in many ways
  • is used to build completely secure applications thanks to its built-in Windows application and authentication configuration.
  • handles requests at runtime by closely monitoring and managing processes
  • allows to perform quick tasks such as: simple form submission, application validation, website deployment.
  • Using gives efficiency in coding to build large applications using ASP.NET.
  • has friendly features like automated deployment, WYSIWYG editing, and drag and drop server controls.
  • Asp.Net technology can be easily created and maintained because of the existence of source code and HTML.
  • The ASP.NET language can be built to be language independent.
  • is a server-side technology, the code for those applications is executed on the server.

With the great benefits that brings, developers will feel easier and more comfortable when creating websites and developing applications. From there, help detect memory leaks, infinite loops, and other illegal activities. It can be seen that choosing will be the most perfect method to build highly complex web applications.

4. Some Applications

The benefits of for IT people are extremely diverse, it helps IT to develop a wide web platform to many places. Therefore, since was born, it has been chosen for many applications such as:

  • Support for creating web applications
  • Organize web application storage: provide users with folders and files to perform application storage.
  • Working with configuration files: used for declaring the most default parameters of the application.

The application of is extremely diverse, so the number of votes for is becoming more and more diverse. As can be seen, is a good web application platform, serving many web design purposes on the market today.

5. Conclusion

Above is all the knowledge about that we want to share. Good luck!

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