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What is Asterisk PBX? Detailed information about Asterisk that you should know

Asterisk PBX is one of the PBX systems being applied by many businesses to improve efficiency in making voice calls and many other utilities. Here we will learn more about Asterisk PBX below!

1. What is Asterisk PBX?

Asterisk is an open source (open source) application style designed to link existing networks such as PSTN, IP into the PBX network. Common protocol standards are used such as SIP, MGCP, H323. This software also has its own protocol, IAX (Inter-Asterisk exchange).
Tong Dai Asterisk La Gi Thong Tin Chi Tiet Ve Asterisk The concept of Asterisk PBX
Asterisk was originally developed on x86 GNU/Linux (Intel), but it is now fully compilable and runs on OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and Microsoft Window as well. The software provides just enough basic features of a historical traditional switchboard such as: call waiting, call forwarding, conference calls, … the network system also supports advanced features such as box voicemail, voice response (IVR), call automation… Not only the responsibility of a network switchboard, the system also allows the integration of database management applications, CRM, execution. video calls. Mark Spencer, the creator of Asterisk, asserts that the flexibility and scalability of this application is unlimited.

2. Features of Asterisk . PBX

Tong Dai Asterisk La Gi Thong Tin Chi Tiet Ve Asterisk 1 Features of Asterisk PBX

  • Call Forwarding : Call forwarding feature. This is a commonly used function on the Asterisk open source IP PBX system.
  • Caller ID : The call has a number display that helps the user to know whose incoming number is and from where to choose whether to continue answering the phone or switch the phone…
  • Interactive Voice Response : Used to refer to the interactive voice function (automatic answering switchboard).
  • Time and date : Set the time allowed to make calls.
  • Remote call pickup : Allows this machine to receive calls from other phones that are ringing.
  • Privacy Manager : The setting allows only the numbers in the list to make calls.
  • Blacklist : The phone numbers in the list will not be able to call your phone (applicable when phone harassment).

Asterisk PBX is being used by many businesses, this is an inevitable trend of phone users because all companies have computer networks and need to communicate with each other in work between departments or branches. In addition, you can refer to an IP PBX solution integrated with crm software with full features of the PBX system and many features of management and customer care software.

3. Asterisk . Interoperability

Tong Dai Asterisk La Gi Thong Tin Chi Tiet Ve Asterisk 2 Asterisk PBX Interoperability

What makes Asterisk so eminently successful is its great suitability against networks of touch phone systems. It doesn’t matter what advanced technology your touch phone network uses, what protocol it operates on, Asterisk can completely link and manage and operate them. Here’s what this app does:

  • The place to register the endpoint for the VoIP system network
  • Connect any port to Asterisk.
  • Use Asterisk IP PBX itself as voice gateway between IP smartphone and PSTN.
  • Connect other PBXs using SIP Trunking or similar advanced technologies.
  • The Inter-Asterisk exchange (IAX) standard makes it possible to transfer VoIP touch phone sessions between Asterisk-based IP PBXs.

 4. Advantages of deploying Asterisk IP PBX

From the concept of  what Asterisk IP PBX is  with the above features, Asterisk has shown that this is an extremely potential solution for businesses looking for a multi-featured but highly effective PBX package.

4.1 Flexibility in connecting terminals

Businesses can use Asterisk to connect to radio (analog) or digital (digital) signals completely easily. The system can also automatically route calls according to traditional phone signals or over IP (Internet Protocol) networks. In addition, with the construction of Asterisk PBX, it also brings many functions that ordinary PBXs do not have, such as VoIP and TDM switching capabilities, low investment costs, suitable for many types of businesses.

4.2 Asterisk PBX and VoIP technology are closely related

VoIP technology allows making calls using a broadband system instead of using a traditional telephone signal line. Meanwhile, Asterisk IP PBX also has the same function with more diverse customizations to suit the needs of each type of business.

4.3 IP Asterisk has greater market potential than Linux

This is the comment of the president of Linux International, Mr. John Maddog Hall, when talking about the advantages of Asterisk compared to other PBX systems currently on the market. And the fact has proven that most businesses today have an internal telephone network and a separate computer network. At that time, the Asterisk IP PBX will help connect these 2 VoIP systems and  the Asterisk PBX into a unified whole with the setup and maintenance cost of less than 10$.

5. Conclusion

Above is all the information about Asterisk PBX that we want to share. Good luck!

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