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What is black hat SEO? Learn about black hat SEO

Black hat SEO is often mentioned, however, few people understand this SEO method. Most SEOers only know that Blackhat is bad and should not be done, but no one really knows the knowledge about blackhat SEO. Are you wondering what is black hat SEO? How does SEO method work? So let’s refer to the article below to understand more about black hat SEO!

1. Black Hat SEO (Blackhat SEO)

Blackhat SEO is inherently familiar to SEO people, but not everyone understands all about black hat SEO. The following sections will introduce the concept and the advantages and disadvantages of black hat SEO, so that you can better understand this tactic!

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1.1 Concepts

Black hat SEO (Blackhat SEO) is a term used to describe search engine optimization according to Google’s guidelines. SEOer uses the way of circumventing the bot’s content rules to get to the top of the searched keywords with the desire to complete the contract soon. Black hat SEO will force search engines to push keywords to rank up in a short time, the common way is to use and buy backlinks in extremely large quantities.

1.2 Advantages Disadvantage

To make good use of  black hat SEO  in the SEO process, you need to understand the pros and cons of the tactic. Specifically, what are the strengths and weaknesses of  blackhat  , continue to follow our information below.


  • SEO to the top 3 position on page 1 quickly and in a very short time
  • Use many hidden methods to help increase SEOer’s understanding
  • Help master SEO techniques and learn more about search bots
  • Gain the absolute trust of customers


  • Easily lose the top and get into Google penalties
  • You have to change a lot to keep up with new algorithms
  • The cost is often expensive because service providers raise prices very high
  • Being easily included in backlinks makes SEO unsustainable
  • Once you’ve dropped to the top, it’s very difficult to SEO again no matter what method you use

2. Common Black Hat SEO Methods

Although the way black hat SEO goes against Google’s governance principles, but because of the outstanding advantages of Blackhat SEO, many people are still very interested in the methods of this SEO method, let’s refer to it!

2.1 Keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing means filling your content with irrelevant keywords to manipulate your page’s ranking position. Adding multiple variations of a keyword if not done properly will not add value and create a bad user experience. That leads to your page being ranked for irrelevant queries.

Keyword Keyword stuffing

As Google explains, keyword stuffing is a list of phone numbers with no value that will increase dramatically. Texts listing cities, states that a site tries to rank for or repeating the same words or phrases so often makes the content look unnatural.

You can totally feel the unnaturalness in the example above, and it’s pretty easy for Google to detect that the content doesn’t sound right. Because all the words are similar, but there is no value because these keywords are not even strings, sentences.

You can do keyword research to find out what people are searching for, but it’s best not to overuse these keywords in your content. So instead of filling your content with irrelevant keywords, focus on creating more useful content and topics rather than keywords.

2.2 Cover up

Cloaking is a technique that involves showing one part of content to users and another to search engines. Websites that do black hat SEO will do to increase rankings for content and non-content related terms. Spam web sites often implement “cloaking” to try and evade search engine bots that find the spammy content they serve.

Seo Mu Den1 Cloaking Techniques of Black Hat SEOs

2.3 Stealth redirects

A redirect would involve someone visiting a URL with a different link they originally clicked on. Black hat SEO uses redirects that are not intended for the URL, and also uses cloaking techniques that include redirecting search engine crawlers to one page and users to another.

Redirects should only be used for the purpose for which this technique was designed. This happens when you change the domain name of a website or merge pieces of content. Using JavaScript to redirect readers is also acceptable in some cases.

2.4 Poor quality content

Poor quality content is of no value to users – a common practice in black hat SEO. This also includes content collected from other websites by bots or an SEOer. In the past, search engines, such as Google, were not very good at recognizing content that was copied from another website. But today, Google has better visibility.

Adding invisible keywords to your content is prohibited. Some websites using black hat SEO have added these keywords by having the text match the background color of the page. So the page can still appear in search results for those invisible keywords, even if there is no visible content on the page about those words.

“Baits and switches” are means black hat SEOs use to fool search engines. This involves creating content around a certain topic that you want to rank for. When the page ranks in this topic’s results, the content swaps for something else. This medium causes searchers to feel negative because the content they wanted to click on no longer exists.

2.5 Paid Links

Most search engines like Google will prohibit the sale of affiliate links. Any links within a website that are added to manipulate page ranking in Google’s search results will be considered part of a link scheme and violate Google’s webmaster guidelines.

Seo Mu Den 01 Paid Links

You should refrain from paying any other site to link to your site’s content. Google always asks users to let them know when people buy and sell links, to penalize both link buyers and sellers. If you are reading such posts, you should delete them as soon as possible or use the disavow tool if you can’t ask the admin to remove the link.

3. How to recognize a service that uses black hat SEO

Although black hat SEO makes SEO easier, it brings too great harm to businesses. So you can try to identify the services that are using this Blackhat SEO technique by the following ways:

  • Proficient use of Google Analytics tool – a tool that can track traffic to the website in real time and has a lot of other measurement checking. Thanks to this tool you can see a detailed view of your website’s daily visits.
  • Use Ahref tool – a website analysis tool that is being used the most today. Through this tool, you can check for unusual backlinks for further evaluation.
  • Google Search Console Tools is also a tool you should use, this tool monitors Google’s notifications about your website and helps you know anomalies through backlinks, clicks, etc.

In the above article, we gave you a brief introduction to black hat SEO and some reasons to avoid using this algorithm. Hope the article can help you understand your questions about SEO. Thank you for your continued interest in the article and the business.

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