What is Brand SMS? The carrier’s regulations for users

Brand SMS is also known as brand message, brandname message, SMS brandname This is the type of marketing that many businesses prefer to use in recent years. Because branded SMS helps businesses become more professional in the eyes of customers, in addition, branded SMS helps save money and time.

The way brand SMS works is that when a business sends a message to a customer’s subscriber number, the sender’s field will display the business name even though the customer does not save business information in the phone book.


Rules for using branded SMS you should know:

Brand SMS in the Advertising newsgroup:

When sending branded SMS to customers with promotional content introducing products, services or promotions, please note the following issues to avoid being rejected from sending messages:

  • The content does not use personalized words, does not contain content related to politics, religion or advertises prohibited products such as alcohol, beer, cigarettes, etc.
  • Do not use exaggerated words like HOT, Super Hot…
  • Content cannot be more than 50%, if your business has a bigsale of more than 50%, there are 2 ways:

+ Only for promotional content 50%++

+ If the specific promotion content is 55%, 70% something, you are required to have a certificate of registration for promotion issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the content of the promotion name must match the content of the message. and must have the red seal of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the network operator will accept it. Currently, the Ministry of Industry and Trade has an online registration portal for carriers to check the program directly without paper.

  • There is a specific promotion time, an end date is required for customers to know the exact time of the program.
  • Contact information is required: can be an address or a contact phone number
  • Content that contains a shortened link must have a space before and after the link to avoid the error of the link down to the client’s computer. So your campaign will be considered as 0.
  • Only send branded SMS to customers who accept advertising messages. From 2020, the government will issue a decision against spam messages, so if you send messages to guests who do not need to receive advertising messages, you may be subject to an administrative fine of up to 30 million / message.
  • Contact information is the number of the switchboard that is required to charge the call fee even if it is free.


Brand SMS in customer care newsgroup:

When using branded SMS to take care of customers, you need to pay attention to the following information to avoid message blocking or administrative fines from the network operator:

  • Do not send promotional content! Abusing the SMS brand to send customer care messages will be informed immediately, so many businesses have circumvented the law of sending messages. However, now that network operators have a mechanism to require declaring the content to be sent before texting, the control of content evasion has also become tighter.
  • Businesses must register the content of the message expected to be sent before the sending campaign, the network operator will approve the content from 1-2 working days, so you need to pay attention to the time and prepare everything properly. so that you don’t have an error when running the campaign!


What should brand SMS for business areas need to pay attention to?

Although registering a Brandname to send SMS is accepted by carriers, when sending promotional messages you still have to add some required documents from the carrier:

  • If your message mentions brands, projects, apps, or other websites, you’ll need to prove that the brands you mention are owned by the business that has registered for trademark SMS. You can use the power of attorney instead if the other information is owned by another party. This means that the owner authorizes you to use their trademark for advertising.
  • Some specific fields require documents such as spa, cosmetology, entertainment, etc. These fields often require additional security and order papers.
  • The field of food supplement food safety certificate

Remember to note that the relevant additional documents have an expiration date, please make sure that the expiry date and the information on the paper match the information on the business license when applying for brand SMS!

Above are detailed information about brand SMS and issues to keep in mind when sending branded SMS. Hope the article will bring you useful information!

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