What is Brandname Messages? How to use and what should be noted?

Brandname messages are also known as brand messages. When a business registers a brand name with a carrier that is granted a brand name, the business will use the Brandname message to send advertising messages or take care of customers. Brandname messages are one of the most popular types of marketing today because of the professionalism and convenience they bring. Brandname messages create prestige and professionalism for businesses and trust for customers.


How to use Brandname message?

To sign a Brandname message with a business name or other Brandnames owned by the business, the first required document is a business license. There is also a registration form for Brandname messages with current carriers in Vietnam.

After completing the registration of Brandname, the service provider will guide you to use the system to send messages to customers.


What should you pay attention to when using Brandname messages?

Message content:

You are not allowed to send Brandname messages with content related to religion, politics, banned substances. The messages do not have content that violates the provisions of the Law on copyright, intellectual property, violates fine customs, moral standards, uses unhealthy words, images, and advertises alcohol and drugs. leaves… The content does not contain too intimate words. Do not try to circumvent the law when sending Brandname messages because when you are detected you can be fined up to tens of millions of dong for a message!

Sending time:

For Brandname messages, the carrier has limited the time frame to post messages to avoid disturbing customers. Therefore, consider the appropriate time to schedule a message to increase the rate of opening your customer’s message!


Filter data

It is recommended to check every 3 months to be sure to filter quality data files. Because there are customers who will choose to refuse to receive promotional messages when spammed with too many offers from other brands. This refresh of customer data is based on the ad running report that the carrier sends you after completing the campaign.

Number of characters and message length:

Each SMS message is allowed to contain up to 140 bytes of data, so each message is allowed to contain:

  • 160 characters with unsigned Vietnamese messages
  • 70 characters with writing Vietnamese messages with accents

SMS BrandName length: 160 characters/standard SMS message. Messages longer than 160 characters will be split into multiple messages and charged multiple times.

Do not abbreviate unpopular or common content, and include contact information.

At the end of the ad content, there must be a punctuation mark to distinguish it from the disapproval syntax.

Send the right type of message:

Typically, the type of use is divided into 2 main types:

  • Advertisement brandname messages

These are messages sent mainly to help increase brand coverage. This includes promotions, offers or discounts. From there, encourage customers to care and use the product for a long time.

  • Message Brandname customer care.

The form of text message Brandname customer care contains content such as message reminders. Or congratulate such as order status notification, follow-up reminder, happy birthday, holiday …. As a result, it helps to increase the intimacy between customers and businesses.

Know the state’s regulations on sending text messages:

Comply with regulations on content of advertising messages in Decree No. 90/2008/ND-CP & 77/2012/ND-CP of the Ministry of Information and Communications on management of spam and spam messages:

  • Only send messages to recipients with prior express consent of recipients (subscribed to receive advertising messages).
  • For each customer: can’t send more than 5 advertising messages/day

Above are detailed information about Brandname messages, hope the article will bring you useful information!

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