What is Brandname SMS? What do you need to do to register?

Brandname SMS is a type of marketing chosen by many businesses in recent years. So what benefits does this type of marketing bring to businesses? Let’s find out with Lokas through the article below!

Learn about Brandname SMS:

Brandname SMS is a type of marketing in the form of automatic mass sending of messages to your customer data. When businesses send advertising or customer care messages to the recipient’s phone number, the sender will display the company name or brand name that your business has registered with the carrier before!

Brandname SMS has two types of messages: advertising and customer care. What are the conditions to register and use Brandname SMS, please follow up in the next section!


Notes when registering Brandname SMS:

To register for Brandname SMS, you need to prepare some basic documents as follows: Business License, Forms of Dispatch to declare the carrier, Identification Certificate (for SMS advertising), File template (for SMS Care). client)

Regulations on the number of characters and naming method Brandname SMS:

  • Up to 11 characters (Including (-) (_) (.) space; Not case sensitive; Do not use special characters like @$%^&, etc…)). Can be named after Vietnamese, English, Abbreviated on GPKD (Show brand name)
  • Limit declaration of numeric characters at the beginning (Risk of sending message will be displayed error @#%^^)
  • Do not declare names with sensitive words (Lotto, games, etc.)
  • For web-based Brandname naming: + TH 1: If the domain name is not more than or just 11 characters long including the domain name extension (.com, .vn, => Set the BN name, you must take all the domain names.
    + TH 2: If the domain name is more than 11 characters, including the domain name extension (.com, .vn, => Set the BN name, the domain name can be omitted
    + TH 3: If the domain name is omitted, the name can be omitted. BN is also more than 11 characters => Can be abbreviated but still show that brand name (not too abbreviated)

On what basis is the name Brandname based?

  • Certificate of Business Registration (GPKD) or Certificate of Business Household Registration (HKD)
  • Website domain name by official hosting providers in Vietnam
  • Trademarks/trademarks or copyright certificates issued by the National Office of Intellectual Property
  • App, project, event, exhibition meet the relevant relevant documents as required by the network operator
  • Foreign enterprises are still allowed to register SMS Brandname in Vietnam provided that the documents must be translated into Vietnamese and notarized within 6 months.


What should I note when registering for Brandname SMS with the website name?

  • Website is working
  • Domain extensions .vn , , .com (Can be ,
  • Information of the owner declared on the Website (Name, tax code, address)
  • The website must be issued by the official domain name provider in Vietnam, in case the other party adds a certificate or an agency contract between the unofficial party and the official domain name provider in Vietnam (https://vnnic .vn/nhadangky/h%E1%BB%87-th%E1%BB%91ng-nh%C3%A0-%C4%91%C4%83ng-k%C3%BD)
  • The field of operation of the Website must match the field that the Enterprise/HKD wants to register to send messages and must be on the business search system
  • Check that domain name information on website (Site name, validity period, website owner, Provider) => must match the domain name certificate / domain name contract
  • The .com international domain name is required to declare the owner information declared on the website of the Ministry of Information and Communications (

What documents do I need to register for Brandname SMS with the App?

  • App must be available on Google Play or App Store
  •  On the App, there must be information of the declared owner => In case it is not the declarer, add App authorization from the owner of the App to the owner of the declaration.

In case of registering e-commerce group by App (App)

  •  Must have a Website that, when clicking on Moc Ministry of Industry and Trade, it shows App information (Example => App Vinshop)
  •  The App must have a product exchange function
  •  There is an online payment function

The declaration file includes: GPKD/HKD + App screenshot on CH Play or App store (with owner information) + App usage file + Carrier declaration forms + Identity certificate (QC) + File template (customer service)

Note: Vina and Itel networks do not declare the Brandname according to the APP (Because the App does not show the permanence of the brand)

Above are the information to keep in mind when registering Brandname SMS. Hope the article will bring useful information for your business!

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