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What is Buzz Marketing? Details of the latest Buzz Marketing 2022

Buzz Marketing  or simply  Buzz Viral Marketing is a term used in Viral Marketing that refers to the interaction between a consumer and a product or service in order to amplify or alter the original communication message. These interactions, for example, a customer’s emotions, energy, excitement, or expectations about a product or service can be positive or negative. Buzz can be generated by the intentional marketing activities of the business, or it can be the result of a separate event that entered public awareness through traditional or social media channels such as newspapers. Buzz Marketing was originally called “oral communication” but in the age of Web 2.0, social media like Facebook, Twitter,

1. What is Buzz Marketing?

Buzz Marketing is a form of Word Of Mouth Marketing, also known as viral marketing.

Buzz Marketing La Gi Chi Tiet Ve Buzz MarketingBuzz Marketing Concepts

Buzz is an act of triggering a community that goes viral. It can be an advertisement, slogan, logo, idea, phrase… or any activity that makes people remember deeply about your brand/product and are willing to share it with others. community.

Buzz Marketing is one of the powerful word of mouth marketing strategies

In a nutshell:  Buzz Marketing are unique marketing strategies to attract the attention of users and influencers to convey Marketing messages.

4 Common Terms in Buzz Marketing:

  • Displayed Buzz Volume: Number of conversions on Social Network.
  • Buzz Volume: The number of interactions collected (Comments, shares, posts…) on Social channels.
  • Relevant Buzz Volume: The number of relevant Buzz.
  • Brand Mention: Number of mentions of the brand.

2. Buzz Marketing in the Digital Age

With the emergence of new digital and interactive communication technologies into the marketing industry, an emphasis has been placed on using online content to create buzz about a product, service or company. Well known companies for doing this are Amazon and Netflix, both of which use individual customer patterns and leverage usage trends on these sites to enhance future customer experiences. client. As a result, this works towards one of the primary goals of buzz marketing, providing each customer with a unique experience that drives them to buy a product.

Buzz Marketing La Gi Chi Tiet Ve Buzz Marketing 1Buzz Marketing in the digital age

Many companies are also using the online platforms they have to create buzz by allowing users to post reviews on their websites, as well as using reviews posted on websites. third party. This concept of online reviews also works to generate negative buzz, and has been a subject of much criticism. Online review site Yelp has come under criticism following allegations that business owners paid the site to display only positive reviews, in an attempt to boost sales and cover up rumors. negatives about these businesses After 10 small businesses filed a lawsuit against Yelp in 2010, the site made the decision to remove the “Review Favorites” option, which previously allowed business owners to choose choose the review they like best and show it,

In addition, Twitter is the game changer of the concept of buzz marketing in the digital age. Twitter, the online blogging site, with a total web traffic of about 350,000 tweets sent per minute, has quickly become an important tool in business and marketing. Companies are now creating Twitter accounts as a means of personal communication with their target customers. Twitter allows businesses of all sizes to communicate directly with their customers and allows customers to respond, a feature that can only be used in the digital age. Alternatively, companies can pay to have their tweets show up on the “timeline” of the users they want to reach.

3. Buzz Marketing Pros and Cons

You already know about  Buzz Marketing,  so what are the highlights and limitations of this marketing strategy?

3.1 Advantages of Buzz Marketing

  • It doesn’t cost too much and still “occupies” effective communication.
  • Stimulate users’ curiosity about the brand/product of that business. This helps to increase brand awareness.

3.2 Disadvantages of Buzz Marketing

  • The reputation and trustworthiness of a brand in the eyes of customers can be in a bad way. Depends on how much or how little.
  • If the Marketing department does not control it well, it can lead to the collapse of the business.

4. Classification of Buzz Marketing

Buzz Marketing La Gi Chi Tiet Ve Buzz Marketing 2Buzz Marketing Classification

4.1 Outrageous Communication

This Buzz Marketing method will be based on shocking actions / words that make viewers remember forever.

For example: To test the durability of a product (which customers often underestimate), you can throw the product from above, put it in a hydraulic press or run it over by a truck… will change the look. theirs immediately.

4.2 Humorous communication (Hilarious)

You can refer to the funny Youtube channels of Thanh Duoc, Vlogger Hau Hoang. With many creative entertainment videos but still ensure to convey good product messages for viewers to remember.

Nowadays, the common mentality of people is that it is easy to be attracted by the novel but funny elements in the videos. This strategic implementation of Buzz Marketing will easily reach many of your customers.

4.3 Impressive communication (Remarkable)

These communication strategies are focused in each detail to ensure the quality is much better than other marketing products.

4.4 Controversial Communication

Most of us often enjoy talking about sensitive, controversial issues.

You can take advantage of this trend to launch special marketing campaigns that get people talking and discussing with each other. No matter how “cheap” that content is.

4.5 Uniqueness (Uniqueness)

This is a form of media created by a combination of short film series or music videos. Unique communication can be used through a combination of music videos, series.

Thanks to the attractiveness of viral content and music combined with the influence of celebrities. These contents are easily received and shared by the public.

5. Conclusion

Above is the whole thing about Buzz Marketing that we want to share. Good luck!

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