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What is Call Center? Things you should know about the Call Center system

Call Center is now considered one of the important parts that any business wants to own. Call Center not only helps businesses solve but also advises many problems with customers, bringing a loyal customer base for businesses. So to know all about Call Center, please refer to the article below!

1. What is Call Center?

Call Center is a call center responsible for communicating between customers and company employees through the phone. Their job is to receive incoming calls and make outgoing calls.

Call Center La Gi Nhung Dieu Ban Nen Biet Ve Call Center Concept of Call Center

Call Center helps businesses connect and support a large number of customers, hundreds of calls are transferred at the same time and are saved. Besides, for businesses that need to convey information and services, and have promotional policies for customers, they are also delivered to customers on time.

2. Things you should know about the Call Center system

2.1 The biggest challenge is resource allocation

With Call Center, the biggest challenge for management lies in the arrangement of human resources. What makes management extremely difficult is having to predict and plan staff accurately for times of high call volume, as well as times when there are no calls. which call.

Call Center La Gi Nhung Dieu Ban Nen Biet Ve Call Center 1 Additional resources

In case of incorrect prediction, the number of calls in the queue increases, the number of current agents is not enough to receive calls, which will reduce customer satisfaction, and at the same time will make the staff more vulnerable. members are under more pressure. Or conversely, the number of staff on duty when there are too many while only a few calls in will increase the cost of each call (CPC-cost per call).

2.2 People account for about 70% of operating costs

In a Call Center, dealing directly with customers are agents, not machines or technology. Therefore, this is an extremely important part when operating the Call Center and also accounts for a lot of operating costs.

2.3 Technology to support the optimization of employees’ working capacity

There are many technologies used in a Call Center system. From smart call allocation software, to automatic voice broadcast system, call recorder, call screen recorder… Many other applications have the purpose of optimizing employee working capacity. .

Call Center La Gi Nhung Dieu Ban Nen Biet Ve Call Center 2 Optimized by assistive technology

Therefore, it is necessary when deploying application software that enterprises should carefully train how telemarketers need to work with the system complex, so that all customer requirements are resolved as quickly as possible. .

2.4 Monday is always a peak day

Usually, the weekend is the time when customers have time to check their spending for the week and plan for upcoming expenses. Then, they just wait until the first Monday of the week to start promoting these expenses.

In order to have a suitable personnel arrangement, the Call Center manager should consider the priority of weekdays, weekends or holidays. However, forecasting call traffic to have accurate resource allocation for Call Center should still be based on Call Center activity reports.

2.5 Customers often choose to call within 10-12 hours

This time frame is considered stable, once everyone is organized, they will spend this time working on issues that were missed during the past week. Therefore, the Call Center will receive a lot of calls from 10-12 o’clock on the first Monday of the week, the manager needs to allocate human resources appropriately to be able to solve the problems effectively.

2.6 Call Center management needs long-term strategies

The most important responsibility of a Call Center manager is to know how to arrange, allocate resources and quality of service. They not only care about the small details, but also have to always monitor and develop the Call Center system to bring the best results for the business, minimizing the case of customer dissatisfaction as much as possible. .

2.7 Call Center is often seen as a cost center

Call Centers are the messengers, the bridge between businesses and customers. They are the ones who understand what customers need and indirectly provide services to customers. Therefore, when the Call Center department completes the right goals, it will bring a large profit to the business.

Call Center La Gi Nhung Dieu Ban Nen Biet Ve Call Center 3 Cost Center

2.8 Responsible oversight promotes efficient operations

In addition to regularly monitoring to support staff in solving customer problems, call center managers also have to train and develop soft skills for telemarketers. This helps the operator understand the spirit of the job.

2.9 Call Center is a great working environment

With a wide range of opportunities in many different companies and fields, a call center position will give you a lot of skills and experience while being flexible in terms of time. Regular contact with many people, many different personality types also helps telemarketers improve their ability to communicate and solve problems better, with faster reflexes.

2.10 Telephone agents are the spokesmen and listening switchboards of enterprises

Telephone agents are people who work directly with customers, their communication productivity is many times that of the entire business. It can be said that telemarketers are people who understand customer psychology, understand customer problems and convey them to business departments for the purpose of customer satisfaction.

3. Conclusion

Above is all the information about Call Center that we want to share. Good luck!

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