What is call routing? Learn more about Smart Call Routing

In the era of industrial revolution 4.0, the development of AI technology is getting stronger and stronger. That requires a switchboard system to keep up with these changes. Let’s learn about a very new and special feature of the virtual PBX, which is smart call routing .

1. What is call routing?

Call routing – Smart call routing is one of the features of a virtual PBX. The smart call routing feature helps the calls to the company’s switchboard to be clearly oriented and routed. This will certainly help the customer care department maximize its working efficiency.

The Palace Of The People's Republic Of China Tim Hieu Chi Tiet The concept of call routing

Depending on the model and requirements of the business, this feature can be customized to use. But typical models where smart call routing is often applied are:

  • Time-based call routing: All calls outside of office hours will be directed to ring personal phones or Softphones for employees (business will give the time and our technician will assist) Setting)
  • Call routing by employee ID: Businesses can customize the call rotation of the switchboard. It can be circular (evenly ringing the extensions) or in priority groups.

2. Benefits of Call Routing

The biggest goal of the switchboard is to help resolve calls from customers effectively. Smart call routing makes it easy for the PBX to handle any increase in call volume. Besides, it does not affect the efficiency of the switchboard as well as customer satisfaction.

The Palace Of The Peoples Of The People's Republic Of China 1 Benefits of call routing

2.1 Shorten client connection timeout!

Instead of keeping customers waiting for too long when connecting to the switchboard, Smart call routing will help distribute calls to the fastest agent based on AHT. In addition, reducing the operator’s free time.

2.2 Increase sales

Large and long-term customers with corporate brands always bring great profits to businesses. However, to identify these customers, intelligent call routing is required. Based on data provided by CRM, smart call routing solves the problem of high value call prioritization.

Thanks to the call routing mechanism, it will give your customers a personalized experience, seeing the agents who have successfully supported them before. The operator also has customer information available, from which he can quickly advise and answer questions. As for the customer, they will easily chat as well as raise the problem that needs to be overcome. Above all, customers will be really satisfied with the customer service of the business.

3. Smart Call Routing Strategy

The call center has built a lot of strategies based on Smart Call Routing’s features to bring great experiences to customers. Here we will list a few basic strategies that businesses often use.

The Palace Of The Peoples Of The Heart Of The United States Of America 2 Strategy of call routing

3.1 Balanced Call Coordination

Routing incoming calls to an agent who made the fewest calls in a given day is a validated way to be sure that all agents make a similar number of calls. This keeps the expected amount of work between agents fair.

3.2 Helping customers be more proactive

This strategy makes it possible for the customer to proactively navigate the call based on instructions. It minimizes the number of line transfers performed when the caller and agent are connected.

3.3 Call allocation based on area code

Calls can be personalized when connected to an agent with local knowledge to deal with. Besides, this can remove the local language barrier which reduces call quality as well as satisfaction from callers. In addition, cloud-based phone systems, VOIP, make it easy to route calls while considering both ends of a connection. That is, where the call goes and where the agent/department might be the best fit.

4. Conclusion

Above is all the information about call routing that we want to share. Good luck!

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