What is Call Whispering? The benefits of Call Whispering in the Enterprise virtual PBX

For a virtual PBX system or Call Center to work effectively, especially for training new employees, Call Whispering is a very useful feature. So what is Call Whispering and how does it work? We invite you to find out with Worldfone in the following article.

1. What is Call Whispering?

Call Whispering is a feature that allows the manager / monitor (monitor) to hear your questions and take quick measures for the Agent to immediately solve the problem.

Call Whispering La Gi Nhung Loi Ich Cua Call WhisperingConcept of Call Whispering

When you use the Call Whispering feature, the operator can hear both the manager’s and the user ‘s voice while the customer only hears the operator ‘s voice .

2. Benefits of Call Whispering

When choosing a virtual PBX system provider for businesses, make sure that the system has Call Whispering feature for the following reasons:

Call Whispering La Gi Nhung Loi Ich Cua Call Whispering 1The benefits of Call Whispering

2.1 Help train new operators

New call center staff will usually have to go through training sessions to be able to understand the product and advise customers. However, training sessions are often focused and theory-based, so it is difficult for a new employee to receive enough knowledge and handle the problems that will be encountered.

Therefore, Call Whispering will help managers easily train employees according to actual cases, helping them quickly integrate and better understand the services of the Enterprise.

2.2 Allows you to monitor the agents handling customer information

Call Whispering helps you hear how Agents interact and process customer information, so you can adjust or change policies accordingly, making the Agent’s work efficient and satisfying. customers are also higher.

2.3 Provide valuable information for training call center staff

When you can interact with the call center staff, you will easily provide updated information, ways to handle real situations that new employees are facing, as well as to learn lessons for schools. next case.

2.4 Allows you to support your employees through complex calls

Even experienced call center agents are easy to encounter complex calls such as new policies, customer requests that are beyond the staff’s ability… then you need to participate in support. support to handle those complex issues, making the work always smooth.

2.5 Increase communication skills of call center staff

Communication skills will depend on practical experience. When the operator is specifically instructed by you, having interaction in many different situations will help the staff increase their communication skills.

2.6 Empowering you to increase customer satisfaction

You are the manager, you will be responsible for the campaign, training as well as the quality of the service. Call Whispering puts you in control of every interaction with your customers. You can easily adjust or change the method in time to increase customer satisfaction.

2.7 Enhance Agents Confidence and Job Satisfaction

Agents will feel confident even when faced with situations they have never encountered before because there is a direct and timely support person. Not only does this help increase work productivity, but job satisfaction is also significantly improved.

3. Conclusion

Above is all the information about Call Whispering that we want to share with you. Hope the above article will bring you a lot of useful information. Good luck!

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