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What is Callbot? Find out detailed information about Callbot 2022

So what is callbot ? How does it work? And what benefits will it bring to customer care activities? Callbot is a virtual consultant solution based on the application of artificial intelligence AI. To learn more about Callbot, let’s take a look at the information in the article below with Lokas!

1. What is Callbot?

“Call” means the communication channel through the phone and “Bot” refers to the ability to answer automatically and immediately. Callbot is a software program that is capable of understanding customer intent in natural language and giving context-sensitive responses.

Callbot La Gi Tim Hieu Thong Tin Chi Tiet Ve Callbot The concept of Callbot

Different from the way of operating according to the method of selecting and pressing the key according to the scenario like the Automatic Answering Switchboard (IRV) system, the Callbot will interact with statements such as: “How can I help you/ Older sister”. After receiving questions from customers, Callbot will automatically provide correct answers according to pre-prepared scenarios. For questions that are not yet in the script, the system will automatically transfer the phone to the operator to answer directly, the content of the new question and answer will be updated into the system to answer automatically in the next day. subsequent calls.

2. Difference between Callbot and Voicebot

The era of voice technology opens up many tools to support customer experience with many different names such as callbot, voicebot, voice agent, phonebot, conversational, virtual agent… All these technologies are based on the platform. Conversational AI (conversational AI).

Callbot La Gi Tim Hieu Thong Tin Chi Tiet Ve Callbot 1 1 Difference between Callbot and Voicebot

Voicebot is almost like a virtual assistant using voice and can be integrated on many different channels such as smart speakers, phones, smart tablets… Callbot has a narrower nature of operation than voicebot and is usually only designed set up via the switchboard channel (telephone). The user communicates with the callbot like a real phone call, lasting about a minute to two minutes, or more.

3. How does Callbot work?

Callbot is based on the most advanced technologies in conversational AI. To carry out a conversation lasting several minutes, a callbot that combines different blocks of technology is capable of performing many complex tasks in a few milliseconds. Connected to a contact center phone system and typically hosted in the cloud, the callbot retrieves calls to a predefined phone call number. It then engages in a discussion script with the caller, as programmed upstream by the business teams.

Callbot La Gi Tim Hieu Thong Tin Chi Tiet Ve Callbot 2 How Callbot works

When the caller speaks, the system will detect their voice thanks to the VAD (Voice Activity Detection) tile. This sound is then converted into text using an ASR (automatic speech recognition) system. These two blocks make up the STT (speech to text) engine and make it possible for you to convert your voice into written form.

This text (record) is then analyzed by an artificial intelligence engine, called NLU (natural language understanding), which understands the target of the caller’s request (intent) from the words it says. use.

4. Application technology to create callbot

Callbot is specially designed for customer relationship related services. Equipped with natural language processing (NLP) and analytics capabilities, callbots can verbalize themselves and maintain a simple conversation through some basic technologies below:

  • Semantic analysis, which allows the system to deconstruct the sentence and analyze it as a whole sentence, to ensure correct understanding of the meaning and context in the sentence.
  • Speech recognition and synthesis, a tool that helps callbots handle conversations and respond effectively.

Thanks to new and constantly improving algorithms, callbots are becoming increasingly intelligent, with the ability to analyze customer journeys or habits to address all of their requests and deliver personalized experiences. highly humanized.

5. Conclusion

Above is all the information about Callbot that we want to share with you. Hope the above article will bring you a lot of useful information. Good luck!

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