What is Concept and Marketing Concept? Difference between Concept and idea?

Concept is a term that appears in a lot of advertising campaigns, design and photography. So what is the concept? What is the difference between concept and idea? Join us to learn about the concept and its meaning in the article below.

1. What is concept?

Concept is translated as Concept. Although it is translated in a simple way, but because it is an English word, it is understood quite vaguely. In a nutshell, the concept is the main idea and throughout the content and how to conduct a program.

Concept La Gi 1 Concept

In broader terms, Concept marketing is the marketing philosophy of a company in analyzing customer needs to making decisions to meet those needs.

Concepts create unity of purpose and keep your marketing program on track throughout the process.

Concepts are used in many different fields from marketing, design, photography, electronics, automobiles, etc. In each different field, concepts have different meanings.

  • In the field of photography, concept is the composition, style or content of the theme throughout the photo session.
  • In the field of entertainment, concept means design ideas.
  • For hotel restaurant services, concept means the stylistic model of that restaurant.
  • Regarding the show’s stage, the concept is the unique event ideas throughout the program. Concept of decoration style, gift ideas, design ideas, etc.

2. Difference between Concept and Idea

Concept La Gi Idea is one of Concept

Ideas are ideas that appear to support a concept, so that the program’s script is best developed. Ideas can appear at any time and they are random, discrete ideas, while concepts are a collection of complete ideas.

3. What is marketing concept?

A concept in the field of marketing is a strategic idea, form or content, the goal of which is to understand demand and influence customers’ perception of that company.

Concept La Gi 2 Marketing Concept

The result of Marketing Concept is direct support, promoting sales more smoothly and easily. The goal of the Marketing Concept is to define the product, the message you want to convey, and the price for the product to ensure successful sales.

The element that builds the company’s brand identity is the most important aspect of the marketing concept.

The most typical is the fast food brand McDonaids, their advertising programs are always different from those of luxury restaurants. The main goal of the marketing Concept McDonalds is to draw customers to this brand in the first place.

Once the marketing program is effective, it will lead to a rapid increase in sales, because customers are convinced and ready to buy as soon as they are drawn from the program.

Although sometimes sales still increase without a marketing concept, but it takes a lot of effort for the sales activities of the business.

Therefore, the marketing concept always has a firm place in every business today.

Hope you have a better understanding of what Concept is and what benefits it brings to your business, thank you for following our article.

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