What is Contact Center? Find out more about Contact Center 2022

Contact center is a concept that is no longer strange to businesses looking for solutions to improve customer experience. The article will outline the benefits of a contact center for businesses to help you understand why this is a frequently searched keyword.

1. What is Contact Center?

Previously, businesses were familiar with the term call center – a place to solve customer problems over the phone.

Along with the development of technology, the concept of Contact Center, also known as a multi-channel customer care switchboard, appeared. Contact center is the place to handle all customer-related transactions, not only by phone but also through many different channels such as messages, video calls, SMS, email, Facebook, Zalo, website, etc.

Contact Center La Gi Tim Hieu Thong Tin Ve Contact Center Concept of Contact Center

To operate a Contact Center, businesses often use multi-channel customer care switchboard software to receive and respond to requests from customers and synchronize communication channels. Whether customers report service via email, leave a message on Facebook or chat live with a consultant via website, businesses can still provide a seamless service, consistent brand image.

2. Benefits of Contact Center for Business

2.1 Receive and quickly handle customer problems

There are many benefits of a contact center to businesses. In particular, quickly receiving and handling customer problems is a benefit that businesses can easily see.

All customer problems from different channels such as hotline, Facebook, Zalo, chat, … are brought to the contact center with a professional consulting team.

Contact Center La Gi Tim Hieu Thong Tin Ve Contact Center 1 Quick handling

Contact Center software system with automatic call allocation features helps customers to meet the right consultant who is free so that the problem is resolved as quickly as possible; or meet the nearest counseling staff in charge, understand the problem; or meet staff according to the need for sales advice or technical support, etc.

2.2 Consolidate customer information for management

The next benefit of a contact center is to help businesses consolidate customer information and easily manage information. Instead, information about a customer is stored in many places, by many different employees, without a single, fully aggregated source. Contact center has technology to identify incoming customers by ID. Whether a customer calls via hotline, chats on the website or sends an email, when the contact center system recognizes the customer’s ID information that already exists on the system, it will automatically connect the information to the customer’s existing profile. customer and forwards the exchange history to the supporting agent. Thanks to this historical information, staff can quickly assist customers to resolve issues.

In addition, unified customer information also helps businesses to fully outline the portrait of their target customers, thereby finding effective sales and approaches.

2.3 Increase employee productivity

Contact centers also bring significant benefits in improving employee performance. Instead of having to open multiple tabs to support customers on many different channels, employees use a single software interface to interact with customers from Facebook, Zalo, hotline or website. Contact center software supports consultants to call out, answer chats, and respond to customers’ emails right on the working interface. Each completed form will be automatically stored in the customer record. Recording files, historical data are easy to search through information filters.

Moreover, if there are difficulties in customer support, the consultant is helped by the features of transferring calls to other staff / inviting other staff to exchange with customers. Most of the problems in the agent’s work are thoroughly supported by contact center software.

2.4 Easily control the quality of sales staff

Customer service managers also receive many of the benefits of a contact center. Through the features of statistics, switchboard monitoring, reports, managers can grasp the operation status of the switchboard in real time, the working status of each employee. Contact centers often have their own features, decentralizing managers to view the details of each employee’s index and each communication channel in the switchboard. The reports are automatically extracted to help managers save time while still having accurate information to make training plans and development orientation of the department’s activities.

2.5 Synchronize omnichannel customer experience

Another benefit of a contact center is that it helps customers have a consistent experience across different touchpoints of the business. Contact center helps businesses manage and synchronize communication channels with customers on a single software. As a result, customers do not see service differences whether texting on the website, calling via hotline or texting via Facebook.

Contact Center La Gi Tim Hieu Thong Tin Ve Contact Center 2 Omnichannel customer experience

2.6 Saving operating costs for businesses

The last, but very important benefit of a contact center is to help businesses save operating costs. Contact Center systems often operate on the cloud platform, easily accessible from anywhere. With this feature, businesses can cut hardware costs by up to 60% compared to traditional call center systems. This system also does not require businesses to have their own IT team to operate and maintain the system. Contact Center software also supports employees who can work remotely, not needing to go to the office to still be able to complete work.

3. Conclusion

Above is all the information about Contact Center that we want to share. Good luck!

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