What is CRM? Get insights about CRM in Marketing

To help businesses develop in a sustainable way, the appearance of CRM software is an effective support tool that cannot be ignored. Businesses in any field need to focus on building and managing customer relationships. And CRM is a great choice.

So what is CRM software and how is the CRM system applied in customer relationship management? Let’s find out together!

1. What is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, which means “customer relationship management”.

A CRM system is a technology that helps businesses manage relationships and interactions with customers and prospects. Since then CRM system helps business growth.

Crm La Gi Tim Hieu Thong Tin Chi Tiet Ve Crm In Marketing The concept of CRM

When it comes to terms in Marketing – CRM, people usually refer to the following two ideas:

  • CRM is the process that allows you to manage and optimize customer relationships
  • CRM is software used to automate the customer relationship management process
  • CRM is a Marketing Process
  • CRM is an element related to information technology.

2. Characteristics of CRM in Marketing

2.1 Artistic

Customer relationship management is reflected in both perception and action, so the work requires a lot of art. CRM is a way for businesses to get closer to customers, understand customers well, thereby transferring value to each individual and making those individuals more valuable. For each customer, the business has a different way of approaching and interacting to suit their individual desires.

2.2 Science

CRM includes the process of organizing, planning to collect customer information, setting up strategies to build, maintain and develop relationships with customers. This is a process with activities that have strategic synchronization but also need to be scientific and appropriate. Because activities in the process are tied to customers, it requires specificity for each functional part of the organization.

Crm La Gi Tim Hieu Thong Tin Chi Tiet Ve Crm In Marketing 1 Scientific

2.3 Emphasis on technology

CRM is not just a simple technology-related management tool, but based on big data about information technology to make it easy to update, store and respond to information to customers. more convenient.

2.4 Inclusiveness

Awareness and action on customer relationship management issues are focused from internal to external networks. That’s why business practices involve every field, every department, every person.

Crm La Gi Tim Hieu Thong Tin Chi Tiet Ve Crm In Marketing 2 Comprehensive

2.5 How to deal with the problem

CRM is a way in which businesses integrate personal information and capture direct customer interactions and tailor behavior to customer wishes. Many different tools are being used in CRM such as strategy, tactics, plan, technology, etc.

2.6 Connectivity in the technical environment

CRM focuses on the software setup and changes in the customer relationship-building process that affect the operations of businesses. Each customer call, question, touchpoint is extremely important information for businesses that needs to be stored and handled scientifically. Besides, technical developments in CRM have the ability to bring together departments within the company, thereby enhancing internal cooperation.

3. Functions and roles of CRM

Instead of wasting time, effort and low efficiency when using manual management methods. Then with CRM software will help you simplify customer relationship management processes, allowing you to improve work efficiency.

Specific functions of CRM include:

3.1 Manage customer data

  • Before  CRM customer relationship management software  was born, businesses all saved contact information with customers by manual methods such as handwriting.
  • After the personal computer was invented, companies began to switch to saving by spreadsheet (spreadsheet) in Excel software.
  • Gradually, as technology developed more, especially in 1990,  Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM)  was born and provided a number of advantages over regular Excel spreadsheets.
  • Since then, CRM management software has become popular and is a better alternative to spreadsheets to help businesses manage customer data more effectively.

Crm La Gi Tim Hieu Thong Tin Chi Tiet Ve Crm In Marketing 3 Manage customer data

3.2 Implement marketing campaigns

Marketing teams have used the data in the CRM and applied useful functions of the software to the campaign such as:

  • Segmenting potential and familiar customers helps you determine which demographics are most likely to buy your products.
  • Evaluate and rank the suitability between buyers and potential customers, to give priority to this audience group.
  • Allows marketers to provide personalized content of customers based on personal data, helping to improve the conversion rate of marketing campaigns.
  • Analyze the success and replication of high-performing marketing campaigns, avoiding previous waste.

3.3 Optimization of sales

CRM software is increasingly growing and popular as a tool to optimize sales performance effectively.

CRM sales process management tools enable sales teams to “improve customer service” by:

  • Proactively predict customer needs based on historical information gathered from customer interactions across multiple channels.
  • Shorten the waiting time of customers when directly providing customer data to automatic answering centers (IVRs), chatbot assistants
  • Identify opportunities to retain customers who are at risk of abandoning you
  • Reducing the workload for people, CRM system uses data and tools to automatically perform tasks without humans.
  • Rely on available user data for optimal customer support.
  • Collect feedback from customers and analyze current trends to improve your services.
  • Support and provide better customer care services on the website to match the insight of each customer.

4. Conclusion

Above is all the information about CRM in Marketing that we want to share. Hope the above information will bring you a lot of useful knowledge. Good luck!

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