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What is customer service? Factors that make the success of DVKH

Customer service  is a phrase that is often mentioned by many people in business. Consumers demand businesses, businesses find ways to improve “customer service” to please their “god”.

1. What is customer service?

Despite being mentioned a lot, but even someone who has been in the business for a long time, it is still difficult to define exactly what customer service is? Or how to get good customer service.

Translation Services For La Gi Nhung Yeu Tao Nen Su Thanh Cong The concept of customer service

As defined from Wikipedia, ” Customer service is the provision of services to customers before, during and after the point of purchase”. From that we can understand, a good customer care service also means that when you can provide products that completely meet the wishes and expectations of shoppers.

2. Factors that make the success of Customer Service

Each industry will have its own characteristics, the wishes of the customer group will also be different. Therefore, it will be difficult for us to set a uniform standard on the factors that make up  good customer service.

However, there are still key elements with core values ​​that any business can refer to as the basis for creating good quality products and customer service.

2.1 Attention

Great customer service always comes with care. Companies should not only care about the quality of products/services, but they should also pay more attention to customer satisfaction. For example, companies should take the time to make sure customers are provided with a good product and make them fully understand how to use and operate that product.

Translation Services For La Gi Nhung Yeu Tao Nen Su Thanh Cong 1 Attention

Companies with good customer service will provide solutions to any customer questions, problems, or concerns about their products. And if necessary, they will offer replacement, compensation or refund when the product gives a bad experience. Customers will never feel cheated, “abandoned” or frustrated by long wait times on the phone, no help during weekend hours, or being pushed from one department to another. to solve their problems.

2.2 Professional style

Professional factor is extremely important, which is also what every person, business unit needs. The professionalism is shown from the style of communication, reciprocity in situations,…. Everything from the smallest employee to the senior managers shows respect, towards customer satisfaction.

In addition, professionalism is also evident when you can clearly understand the product or service you are providing. At the same time, the use of additional  customer care management software makes the management more professional in the eyes of customers. The management system of your business will be extremely technological and much more thorough.

2.3 Communication

Communication is often the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to customer service. Communication requires a lot of effort, flexibility, and patience on the part of the customer service rep. In most cases, the client should be considered right. And even though the customer is wrong sometimes, to be successful with customer service, a company needs to train their employees to be calm and problem-solving for frustrated and disgruntled customers.

Translation Services For La Gi Nhung Yeu Tao Nen Su Thanh Cong 2 Communication skills

Because their heads are full of negative emotions, customers at this time often become demanding and impatient. Therefore, a good customer service agent will need to deal with an open, flexible and towards a solution that benefits the customer. Dissatisfied customers are expecting solutions to their problems, so they need to feel that the company is taking action to solve their problems now.

2.4 Speed

The first factor that we need to mention to create a quality service is speed. This factor is reflected in many aspects, delivery time, response speed, job processing. Customers or partners are busy people, they always want to use time-saving services and more importantly, on time.

2.5 Mindful service

Companies that value customer service always follow the right procedures and provide guidance to their customers as an approach to problem solving. They have always developed a culture of service and see value in serving the people who buy their products.

The customer service reps at these companies are trained not to be hostile to disgruntled customers. Instead, they stick to the mindset of doing everything they can to help with the customer’s problem. Customer service is not a policy, it should be respected as a mission of the company and the individuals who represent the company in contact with customers.

2.6 No extra charge

Companies should never charge additional fees (repair materials, home delivery fees, storage fees, etc.) when repairing damaged products through no fault of the customer.

Translation Services For La Gi Nhung Yeu Tao Nen Su Thanh Cong 3 No extra charge

Customers should not be held responsible for what they did not cause, or even suffer. Great customer service must be based on replenishment, repair, help, willingness to take on and not shrug off the company’s responsibilities.

2.7 Returning Customers

Good customer service shouldn’t just focus on taking care of the customer. Effective customer service must also aim to build a good reputation, keep customers coming back, or be willing to recommend the product to others. For this reason, companies that want to develop customer service must focus on answering questions such as: who are their customers, what are their underlying needs, and how can they be served? the best…

One of the great successes of good customer service is converting an unhappy customer into a customer who is delighted with how well they were taken care of when they reach out for support. When this kind of trust and engagement occurs, customers will not only come back again to buy more products, but are more willing to recommend the company and its excellent customer service to all. people who are interested in the product they know.

3. Conclusion

Above is all the information about customer service that we want to share with you. Hope the above article will bring you a lot of useful information. Good luck!

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