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What is Direct Routing? Learn the benefits of Direct Routing

In March 2017, Microsoft Teams was launched, which is one of the fastest growing marketing products in the world. Microsoft Teams is not only a platform distributor for online meetings, but also provides internal communication , document management, and application integration. In addition, a new and always convenient feature helps Microsoft Teams become a PBX and lower call costs , more flexibility, and better support  … . That is  Direct Routing . So what is Direct Routing? Let ‘s buy and understand right through this article!

1. What is Direct Routing?

“Direct Routing” refers to the process of routing incoming and outgoing calls from Microsoft Teams directly to the PSTN (public telephone network).

Direct Routing How To Understand The Realities Of Direct RoutingThe concept of Direct Routing

Direct Routing allows Microsoft Teams to connect to a wide range of PBX service providers (such as ePacific Telecom). This means taking advantage of benefits such as cheaper calling costs, more flexibility and especially better support.

Direct Routing is considered by many businesses to be extremely attractive because it gives them real flexibility when it comes to choosing a provider. But Direct Routing has only a fixed list of Microsoft certified vendors, maintained and certified to be compatible and integrated with the Teams platform.

2. What are the benefits of Direct Routing?

Using Direct Routing in combination with SBC will have advantages that are really worth considering when businesses have been using Microsoft Teams for themselves. Following are the benefits of Direct Routing:

Direct Routing How To Understand But Implement Direct Routing 1The benefits of Direct Routing

2.1 Reasonable cost

The built-in Microsoft Teams calling costs are not cheap & only supported in a few countries. Therefore, Direct Routing is the connection solution between HostedPBX and Microsoft Teams to help businesses take advantage of cheaper, more flexible call rates.

2.2 Consolidation of calling platforms

Leverage a unified calling platform, integrated into Microsoft Teams, that combines all of their internal and external communications into one coherent system.

2.3 Transfer calls easily in Microsoft Teams

When Microsoft Teams is integrated with an existing PBX through SBC and SIP Trunking, users can make dynamic calls in Microsoft Teams while others use the existing PBX. Finally, all users can easily switch to a call in Teams. Call traffic is still active and stored in the Enterprise

2.4 Interoperability with devices

Direct Routing helps enable interoperability between customer-owned telephony devices and endpoints registered on Microsoft Teams. Businesses can completely move into the Microsoft Teams environment without having to give up existing equipment

2.5 Do not change the enterprise number

Switch to Microsoft Teams to make a switchboard that can keep your business’s number. Direct Routing is the solution to combine the features available in Teams without losing the features of the existing PBX.

2.6 Simple Deployment

Because Direct Routing is a solution to connect with 3rd parties via SBC and SIP Trunk, so it will be related to connection techniques, deployment is done by the SBC rental service provider. This helps businesses to consider choosing the right supplier and not have to worry about their IT capabilities while still having deep expertise and high reliability.

3. Conclusion

Above is all the information about Direct Routing that we want to share with you. Hope the above article will bring you a lot of useful information. Good luck!

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