What is email marketing? The most effective form of customer care in 2022

Email marketing  is a form of using email (e-mail) to bring information/sales/marketing/product introduction to the desired customers. Customers who have been researched (potential customers of the business) to distinguish them from Spam email (Send mass emails to any customer), and customers can refuse to receive emails.


What are the benefits of using Email Marketing?

When compared with the traditional form of advertising by designing banners, billboards, email marketing, it will help to thoroughly save design costs, transportation costs, and venue rental costs.

Email marketing helps businesses build brands in the eyes of consumers, increase relationships, and create trust with customers.

In addition, when using this form for marketing, you can make detailed statistics of the number of people who click open mail, click on the links from which you will be able to find out the needs of customers, determine the right the tastes of customers to make appropriate adjustments.

Moreover, you can also automate marketing campaigns by setting a schedule to send customer care marketing emails on a specific week or month basis.

In addition, Email Marketing also brings great values ​​to businesses such as:

Increase brand awareness

By mentioning your values, mission, products and services… potential customers can better understand your brand. As shoppers’ awareness improves during regular email marketing communication, they tend to be more supportive of your business because they already know your company well.


Email Marketing helps attract and retain customers

Email communication channel is the perfect system to educate customers, nurture customers and deliver new offers/promotions/products to customers. Businesses can connect with customers by collecting their emails and asking for their consent to be able to communicate.

Bring traffic to business website

It is a fact that, even your most loyal customers do not visit your website every day. Businesses can take advantage of email to drive traffic to their website.


 Easily personalize content to each specific audience

Sending emails based on customer behavior & interests (like customer journey, purchase cycle, cart abandonment, favorite products…) will help email communication to be effective for customers will feel the content is made specifically for them.

Stimulate potential customers to take action

Using Email Marketing in marketing can stimulate and drive customers to act on business offers with CTA forms.

Promote effective social media channels

Businesses can combine using email marketing and social media channels to create powerful effects. In some form such as: reminding about offers to potential customers via email, adding links to social media pages in the email body, etc.

Other functions of Email Marketing:

– Email list management: helps you manage your email list in a clear and specific way. Sort by geography, origin, gender, age, job…

– Monitoring and reporting: You will know the rate of emails in inbox, email open rate, click rate, conversion rate. Detailed tracking of customer interaction rates.

– Automate campaigns: You can set up a campaign, and set a specific email delivery schedule, emails will be automatically sent quickly and accurately.

– Various email templates: A lot of professional and diverse templates for you to choose from, will reduce the time in writing content.

Above are detailed information about Email Marketing, hope the article will bring you useful information!

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