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What is Facebook Messenger Ads? Should I run ads on Facebook Messenger or not?

Undeniably, Facebook is still the largest social networking site and attracts the most users in the world. There are many methods to advertise on Facebook one of them is Facebook Messenger Ads. This is a new form of advertising and is being interested and researched by many marketers. So what is Facebook Messenger Ads? And when to run ads on Facebook Messenger. Let’s find out through the article below.

What is Facebook Messenger Ads?

As the name suggests, advertising on Facebook Messenger is advertising Facebook messages through the Messenger application. However, unlike regular Facebook ads, when customers click on the ad, they will immediately be redirected to the pre-installed message section of that brand’s Fanpage. The launch of this ad format gives users a whole new, more enjoyable experience when interacting with ads. In addition, Facebook Messenger ads also solve the “passive” problem of customers. When customers click on your ad, this proves that they are interested in your product/service. Take this opportunity to introduce products to customers proactively, thereby helping the brand create more customers.

Where to show ads on Facebook Messenger

As mentioned above, ads on Facebook Messenger will still have similarities with ads on Facebook, so its display position outside of the Messenger application will still be displayed on the normal Newsfeed.

Facebook Newsfeed

When displayed on Newsfeed, the ad will still look like other regular ads, but in the lower right corner of the ad will come with a send message button (advertisers can customize and change the button depending on the type of advertisement). purpose). When a viewer clicks on the ad, they will be immediately redirected to the Fanpage’s Messenger messaging page.

Messenger Inbox

When someone clicks on your ad, they’ll be taken to a detailed view in Messenger. When the ad is clicked, the full content of the ad will be displayed via a call-to-action button. This is considered the most popular form of advertising on Facebook Messenger today. Right now, just go to the Messenger application, you will see at least one such ad.

Facebook Messenger 1
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Messenger Stories

Ads will appear in Messenger Stories, among all other users’ native Stories, similar to Stories on Facebook and Instagram. You can use Messenger Stories ads to increase the reach of your Stories campaigns on Facebook or Instagram

Should I run ads on Facebook Messenger?

Usually, Facebook Messenger ads will be appropriate when you want to run a promotion. At that time, usually promotional information will be displayed on the advertisement, but when customers see that information, they are “lazy” in learning how to receive the promotion. It is the CTA (Call to action) button that will help you solve this problem, and Facebook Messenger ads can always include this button. In addition to running promotions, you can also test ads through Facebook messaging with other programs such as: recommending and selling products, downloading apps or games, etc. Important here is that Marketers need to Creative and customizable to match the product. Therefore, running advertising is extremely important, it gives you potential customers,

What do you need to advertise Facebook Messenger?

To be able to run ads on Facebook Messenger, you need to prepare the following elements:

  • A Facebook Ads ad account
  • A Fanpage on Facebook
  • Promotional content (Including eye-catching images, engaging content, CTA buttons)
  • Visa card for international payment

Hope the above sharing will bring you useful information!

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