What is Google Adwords advertising? How to optimize the most cost?

What is Google Adwords advertising? How to run Google Adwords ads? What are the benefits of online advertising with Google Adwords? How to optimize Google advertising costs to help reach customers quickly and earn huge profits? Let’s find out with Sapo Blog through the article below!

What is Google Adwords advertising ? Adwords is an acronym for “Advertisement keywords”, which means keyword advertising. Accordingly, Google Adwords advertising is the name of a commercial service of Google, providing search rankings, priority display positions for subjects who need to advertise their products and brands.

Google is famous for its number 1 search service in the world with billions of people searching every day. In Vietnam, more than 90% of Internet users use Google and about 71% have the habit of looking up information about products/services they need on Google before deciding to buy.

Searchers in general often click to see the information displayed at the top, so businesses all want the website to have the highest search ranking possible, in order to reach customers more easily. With the first 4 positions and the last 3 positions on the first search page, Google Ads is the perfect solution to meet this need for businesses. So  what is Google Adwords advertising  really?

1. What is Google Adwords advertising?

As mentioned at the beginning, what is Adwords and what is Google Adword? In this section, Sapo Blog will help you understand in more detail the concept of Google Adwords.

What is Google Adwords advertising?  This is a commercial service that Google provides to those who want to promote their products, services or brands, etc. Users of Google Adwords service need to pay to have ads displayed or clicked. Ads will appear in the preferred positions on the search results page or on the websites of the Google display network, through the selection of keywords related to the product/service that the business chooses.

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<em><span>What is Google Adwords advertising?</span></em>

2. Google Adwords advertising fee calculation method

When you are interested in the form of advertising Google Adwords, you will probably wonder what is the payment method of Google Adwords? There are 3 types of fees as follows:

  • Charge per click on Google Adwords  CPC  (Cost per Click): Google will charge a certain fee for each customer click on your Google ad.
  • Charged by the number of times the ad is displayed  CPM  (Cost per Miles): Google Adwords advertising users will have to pay for every 1000 impressions on Google.
  • Charge by number of conversions or when someone takes a specific action on your website after clicking on an ad template  CPA  (Cost per Action): The advertising fee is charged for the conversion when the user meets the requirements. advertisers and make them profitable.

You can watch the video below to listen to Rachael – Owner of a bakery sharing his success using Google Adwords for his advertising campaigns to better understand what Google Adwords is and its benefits:

Since its appearance in Vietnam, Google Adwords advertising has always proven its effectiveness and superiority. You should choose professional, reputable advertising companies and are Google’s official partners in Vietnam to be supported in implementing effective optimal Google Adwords campaigns.

Many large and small businesses around the world have chosen to use Google Adwords service to increase business efficiency. They succeeded and now it’s your turn.

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