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What is Google Display Network? Advantages and disadvantages of GDN

What is Google Display Network (aka GDN) Ads ? It is a form of marketing on Google, using text or images (banners) to reach potential customers on a website, newspaper page to promote the product / service or brand image of a business, a personal to the user.

1. Concepts

1.1 What is Google Display Network?

GDN or Google Display Network is a display advertising system, placing banners to advertise businesses on websites participating in the Adsense program (Google advertising partners).

Google Display Network La Gi Uu Nhuoc Diem 2 Concept of Google Display Network

1.2 Placement to display ads

Display ads allow advertisers to place arbitrary static/dynamic banners on websites with Google links.

The most popular website system belonging to the Google display network is also very diverse, with many different topics such as sports, technology, real estate, cars, motorbikes… Therefore, when running Google Display Network ads, you are completely satisfied. You can target topics that are relevant to the product or service industry.

2. How does Google Display Network work

2.1 Contextual advertising

This is a trick based on your chosen keyword or topic. With this method, it will have the effect of increasing the chances of displaying ads on websites, apps and websites with relevant content. In particular, Google always analyzes the main topic of the website advertising. Google will rely on the content, language, link structure and page structure as well as consider the ratio of your topic to the website subject, then Google ads will choose that website to post your ad.

Google Display Network La Gi Uu Nhuoc Diem 1 1 How Google Display Network works

2.2 Choose the correct website

Based on Placement targeting, you can choose websites, videos and apps from GDN’s website system to display ads without Google suggesting you keywords or topics automatically choosing websites.

3. Advantages of Google Ads Display

Currently, there are many people using GDN but do not know the real benefits that it brings. Here are 5 reasons that you can choose Google Ads Display:

Google Display Network La Gi Uu Nhuoc Diem 2 1 Advantages of Google Ads Display

3.1 User accessibility

One of the benefits of Google Ads Display that we cannot deny is its wide coverage. With more than 2 million websites registered with GDN, your ads will have a higher chance of appearing and clicking. The difference between  regular Google Ads  and GDN is that GDN has the ability to reach users even if they don’t search with Google, which Google normally cannot do. This is one of the huge advantages for people to choose GDN.

3.2 Reduce CPC costs

Compared to Google Search, CPC on GDN usually has a lower price. This means you don’t have to spend a fortune to still be effective in reaching potential customers. Therefore, to save budget, using GDN is a great option.

3.3 Many prices to choose from

PPC (Pay Per Click) is a familiar way of paying when advertisers pay per click. But with GDN, you can use CPM (Cost Per Mile) which will be more beneficial for advertisers because this cost is based on 1000 views instead of per click. This is the optimal way to save costs effectively.

3.4 Asd images

With the current trend, people are increasingly limited in time, so the use of images is the way to bring back high interaction.

3.4 Remarketing Ads

One of the strongest points of GDN is remarketing Ads – tail ads. With its power, you can create new campaigns aimed only at people who have already visited your website. This way has the benefit of having a low price as well as drawing leads for the website.

4. Disadvantages of Google Ads Display

Google Display Network La Gi Uu Nhuoc Diem 3 Disadvantages of Google Ads Display

4.1 Unable to control ad display

Google always tries to place ads on relevant websites but not always with high accuracy and sometimes it will appear on bad websites. Therefore, you need to check for bad websites so as not to affect your brand and bring in poor traffic sources.

4.2 Advertisements unrelated to the website

Because you can’t control the website that advertises, you may experience related problems. Although Google constantly evaluates the quality of the website’s content, sometimes it is still overloaded. So to overcome that, you can manually filter and remove irrelevant websites or you can buy banners from the website you want.

4.3 Unable to regulate customer behavior

GDN can’t target a specific audience, and your ads can be shown to anyone, whether they want to or not. Therefore, it is very difficult to adjust customer behavior.

5. Conclusion

Above is all the information about GDN that we want to share. Good luck!

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