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What is Grandstream IP PBX? Features and Benefits of IP Grandstream

It can be said that Grandstream IP PBX is the best choice solution for any company or business and is suitable for all sizes or business lines. IP PBX is the choice of most businesses today.

There are many highly rated switchboard brands on the market, but the Grandstream brand has a very special position and when it comes to telephone switchboards, people will immediately mention Grandstream. Why is it said that the PBX is the most popular today, let’s find out the features that Grandstream IP PBX brings to businesses right here!

 1. What is Grandstream IP PBX?

As one of the modern PBX systems, with many new features that are constantly being updated to bring the greatest benefits to businesses.

Tong Dai Ip Grandstream La Gi Tinh Nang And Loi Ich Grandstream IP PBX concept

Currently, with the improvement of quality and professional call information management, many businesses have come to IP phone exchange solutions to replace the old Analog PBXs, or use a new one. In the most modern calling and call handling systems, grandstream IP PBX system is one of them. As a packaged product based on the open source Asterisk, Grandstream has a lot of features that stand out from other IP PBXs on the market.

2. Features of Grandstream IP PBX

  • Use for 300 users, 500 SIP extensions and 60 concurrent calls: bulk is advantageous for medium and large enterprises.
  • Firmware update, auto-registration, SIP extension update
  • Easy configuration through Web interface, convenient for employees when they use the switchboard.
  • Easy integration with other service providers.


  • Support call forwarding with background music during transfer
  • Record calls (replay via web interface), queue calls, leave voice messages (voicemail)
  • Call traffic statistics: Date, time, phone number, call time…
  • Support video calls
  • Support fax, voicemail transfer information to email
  • Support receiving video calls from camera device
  • Easily make calls from Smartphone, laptop
  • Convenient system access anywhere in the world.

3. Benefits of Grandstream IP PBX

Tong Dai Ip Grandstream La Gi Tinh Nang And Loi Ich 1 Benefits of Grandstream IP PBX

  • Ensure stable internal communication, avoid interruption of information between departments.
  • Minimize the cost of upgrading the switchboard. Enterprises minimize costs while ensuring work efficiency.
  • Easily expandable without hardware upgrade.
  • Automatic call answering, call allocation programming, voicemail, statistical reports
  • Easy and fast installation like a software running on a server
  • Take advantage of existing infrastructure (Internet, LAN, …).
  • Allows connection to ip phones
  • Change location without changing the number
  • Quickly manage information via web interface

Telephone exchange is now a necessary solution for businesses that want to change the way they consult and take care of customers over the phone. For small and medium enterprises in Vietnam with few employees and low demand, the Grandstream IP PBX system is not really necessary.

4. Conclusion

Above is all the information about IP Grandstream that we want to share. Good luck!

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