Growth Hacking

What is Growth Hacking? Information about Growth Hacking that you need to know

Growth Hacking  is a new marketing strategy applied by many businesses to increase profits. So how to apply this strategy to bring high efficiency? We will answer in detail through the following information.

1. What is Growth Hacking?

Growth Hacking is also known as Growth Marketing, one of the low cost marketing strategies with high efficiency. Growth Hacking can be understood as the “Breakthrough Development” campaign. Businesses will apply appropriate campaigns to promote the number of users of products/services in a breakthrough way.

Growth Hacking La Gi Thong Tin Ban Can BietThe concept of Growth Hacking

The campaign is especially interested by start-ups. Businesses will focus more on conversion rates, finding a large source of potential customers interested in their products/services.

More specifically, applying the Growth Hacking method is the application of data, automation, and viral to effectively promote product consumption. To do this, businesses need to find new sources of customers at the same time, and take good care of existing customers to help them stick with the brand for a long time.

2. How does Growth Hacking work?

The core of the application of the Growth Hacking method is to find new and retain potential customers. How to attract visitors from social networking sites, the media. Then turn visitors into your customers.

Growth Hacking La Gi Thong Tin Ban Can Biet 1How Growth Hacking Works

Dave McClure’s AARRR growth funnel is one of the business formulas applied by many businesses. The growth funnel is divided into many steps, the first step is the one that needs the most attention, the next steps will gradually narrow. As follows:

2.1 Acquisition

This is the impression on the first contact. Users find you and have new experiences for the first time. This impression is very important in deciding whether the user wants to continue to learn about your product/service.

2.2 Activation

This is the customer’s ability to interact with your products/services more or less after first contact.

2.3 Retention

Maintain the level of customer interaction with the business through product/service quality. Good, high-quality products will maintain customer interaction

2.4 Revenue

Generate revenue from customers willing to spend money to buy products, use your services. The more customers are interested in the product, the higher the purchase rate.

2.5 Referral

Customers decide to recommend your products/services to relatives and friends because of the quality or the great experiences from here.

So how to contact customers to have the first interactions, businesses can refer to 3 methods such as:

Content Marketing (Writing SEO articles).

– Marketing products/services.

– Advertise products/services.

Each method is important in contacting customers and capturing their interest, setting the stage for future activities.

3. Check out some effective ways of Growth Hacking to increase traffic

In the era of modern technology, online business is much more effective than traditional methods. Social networking sites, online media are the fastest and effective ways to reach customers. So how to increase customer traffic?

Growth Hacking La Gi Thong Tin Ban Can Biet 2Growth Hacking effectively increases traffic

3.1 Website loading speed

1 second slow load can reduce the conversion rate by 7%. If you want to attract more visitors, don’t hesitate to improve the quality of your website. The loading speed of the website is also in the user experience. If the page loads too long, lags, there is a problem that will make the visitor not want to come back again. So please note when designing the appropriate page data, not too heavy to affect the loading speed.

3.2 Provide all necessary information

Please provide as much information as possible regarding the product. Internet users often decide to buy a product after carefully studying the necessary information. Please link to suggesting customers leave contact information to receive more related news. Providing relevant information for free is an effective way to attract traffic.

3.3 User surveys

Conduct user surveys to understand users better. Thereby you will know what users want, whether your business can meet those needs. Survey how users rate your website experience, why they don’t want to visit your website anymore. Only in this way can we properly improve traffic retention.

3.4 Build quality landing pages

Landing page is the bridge for users to access your sales website. Building quality landing pages with attractive content contributes to increasing the number of visitors, increasing the purchase rate. The basic requirements of a quality landing page are:

– Unique and unique content, not duplicate.

– There are many options suitable for different customer segments.

– Content hits the user’s needs directly, with a clear Call to Action.

The article has clearly introduced what Growth Hacking is and related information. Please refer to the appropriate growth hacking method for effective business.

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