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What is IMC? Overview of IMC that you should know

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) – Integrated communication is a marketing strategy that combines communication tools and conveys a consistent message. IMC has long gradually become one of the important tools to be able to find and meet target customers. For a Marketer even a “newbie”, this is really a tool to perform a communication function with high efficiency and competitiveness. So what is IMC ? Why need to use IMC? Overview of IMC that you should know?

1. What is IMC?

“Integrated communications is a way of looking at the entire marketing process from the customer’s point of view.” – Philip Kotler

Imagine you are trying to uncover a brand message, or better understand the company mission. But when the sales team gives a different message to the social media specialist, you will have a hard time understanding what they are trying to convey, right? IMC in the eyes of marketers is a way to eliminate these contradictions, and ensure that all departments have a consensus on how to perceive the brand.

2. Why is IMC needed?

You wonder why your favorite brand is “rainy in the morning”, uses inconsistent messaging, is disorganized, doesn’t create any kind of experience for consumers. Of course, this is a major mistake for many businesses – especially in the 21st century, when dozens of new ideas and communication channels are being created every year.

Imc La Gi Tong Quan Ve ImcWhy need IMC

●  Convey a consistent message:  Why? Because as soon as the message fades, the customer will forget you in their brief memory. The importance of having a consistent message should not be underestimated.
●  Building a brand image:  Not only the message, but also the brand elements will be “righteous”, more seamless. Style, logo, title, body and style will work on the same view.
●  Focus on results:  Does a startup or small business need an effective story? That’s when IMC stepped in and raised the brand to a new level.

3. How is the role of IMC shown in business?

IMC is a competitive tool in business when: Brand trust is maintained, product awareness is built, information is provided, and brand reputation is enhanced.

Imc La Gi Tong Quan Ve Imc 1Role of IMC

Once you have a clear understanding of what IMC is. Together we will learn the steps to plan effective IMC-integrated communications. To be able to create really effective campaigns and make a strong impression on target customers.

Step 1: Determine the campaign objective

In the first step of a certain marketer must do is to define the objective of the campaign. Normally, there will be 3 basic types of goals in the campaigns that managers always aim for: first, Marketing: focusing on changing customer behavior, second is Business: focusing on customer behavior. sales revenue metrics. Finally, communication: Helps change in consumer psychology and thinking.

Step 2: Identify the target audience

When moving to the second step, it is necessary to identify the exact media audience that the brand wants to reach throughout the campaign. This is also said to be the most important step because if we define the wrong audience, all communication ideas will not bring the desired effect to the business.

Imc La Gi Tong Quan Ve Imc 2Determine the target

The simplest method to be able to identify the right target audience is to divide the customer file into subsets based on different criteria (geographical location, psychology, behavior …). Then it will be very easy to select the set of customers that are most likely to bring in the most sales.

Step 3: Understand Customer Insight

This is considered the most difficult step for marketers because finding insight as well as understanding the problems, concerns as well as the secret needs of target customers.

Step 4: The main idea of ​​the campaign

Once the customer insight has been analyzed and identified, the next thing a marketer needs to do is an idea to solve that insight. This step acts as the soul of the campaign.

To be able to find a key message, so that target customers can understand what the business wants to convey. However, those ideas must be feasible, derived from accurate customer insight and clearly show the role of the brand, so that customers can make good perceptions about the brand.

Step 5: Plan the implementation

At this step, what Marketers need to do is to bring ideas closer to customers through Online and Offline tools, this step is where a detailed implementation plan needs to be established. This includes calculating how long the plan will last, how much it will cost, the messages you want to convey, etc.

Step 6: Evaluate the effectiveness of the Marketing campaign

The last step is to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign, this step you need to set a KPI in advance to re-evaluate the effectiveness of the whole campaign (measurement indicator).

Just now is all the knowledge about the concept of IMC as well as the steps to create a suitable IMC Plan. Hopefully through the above article. You will understand more about IMC terminology as well as how to plan IMC and the effectiveness of IMC.

4. Conclusion

Above is all about IMC that we want to share. Good luck!

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