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What is Inbound Marketing? Inbound Marketing originated from scratch?

In today’s fierce competition, customer retention is one of the extremely important jobs of every business. Because this is the factor that generates profits for the business. And Inbound Marketing is a tool to help businesses attract customers to use their products and services in the most natural way. So  what is Inbound Marketing  ? What are the steps to implement an Inbound Marketing strategy? Follow the article below to get the most useful information!

1. What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is a strategy that includes a variety of marketing activities on selective, intentional channels. According to the method of attracting and leading conversions to achieve the goal of revenue development and sustainable branding for businesses on the internet.

The term Inbound Marketing was first used by Hubspot – a company specializing in business and software development for marketing and sales. This company has used Inbound Marketing itself as both a product and as a strategy to reach customers to create impressive growth since 2004 until now.

Whether you are a large business or just a small business. Then Inbound Marketing can also help you grow 10 times in the following aspects:

  • Website visits (traffic)
  • Convert traffic into leads
  • Grow sales
  • Increase brand affinity & loyalty.

1.1 Approach

  • Outbound Marketing’s Approach

Outbound Marketing works in a one-way direction and mainly hits the content that is transmitted as widely as possible. And the most popular form of Outbound Marketing is TV advertising. However, today Outbound Marketing has more forms of marketing but still in the direction of forcing the public to receive information and no response.

  • Approach of Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is the complete opposite of Outbound Marketing because it always emphasizes the interaction between the two parties transmitting and receiving information. In this method, customers have the right to refuse or receive information that suits them.

1.2 How to deploy content

  • Outbound Marketing:  go directly to products and services

Always putting products on top is the strategy of Outbound Marketing. Advertising campaigns often present key features or features of a product. Therefore, if customers have a need to buy, this method is effective for businesses and vice versa.

  • Inbound Marketing:  there is a clever way to lead users

Not only stopping at introducing products, Inbound Marketing also focuses on users’ information search needs. Content in Inbound Marketing often revolves around evaluation and review in the most objective way. This makes customers trust and will consider buying the product faster.

1.3 Purpose of the approach

  • Outbound Marketing:  stimulate shopping demand

In order to stimulate shopping demand, the Outbound Marketing method often focuses on product introduction. Such advertisements often have a clear message and hit the needs of the potential customer.

  • Inbound Marketing:  building trust, nurturing target customers

In stark contrast to Outbound Marketing, Inbound Marketing goes in the direction of establishing relationships first and then selling products. This is a way to create customer trust as well as help customers understand more deeply about your products and services. Inbound Marketing helps businesses nurture an effective group of potential customers. And the ultimate purpose of this method is to attract the attention of customers as well as make them choose products and services.

1.4 Operational territory

  • Outbound Marketing:  operating on both digital and traditional platforms before the development of digital platforms, the way Outbound Marketing has gradually changed to suit the tastes of the public. Marketing campaigns are now integrated on search platforms (Google, Bing, etc.) and social media channels.
  • Inbound Marketing:  takes place digitally. Although the implementation of Inbound Marketing has a narrower scope, it is highly effective. In addition, to have high traffic, you need to pay attention to the SEO optimization process. Because no matter how good your article content is, it won’t rank high on search results. Communication channels on  social networks  have the effect of pulling natural interactions for the website and helping the article reach more people.

1.5 Ability to measure effectiveness

  • Outbound Marketing:  hard to measure

When combining both online and offline, the measurement is not simple because it requires time and costs.

  • Inbound Marketing:  easy to measure

This is the reason that many businesses have switched from Outbound to Inbound Marketing. This way reduces costs as well as changes consumer trends and information search of customers.

2. Steps to implement an Inbound Marketing campaign

To implement an effective Inbound Marketing campaign, you will have to do the following 5 steps:

  • Research and create valuable content

Businesses will learn and analyze the problems that customers are facing. From there, you have customer stories to exploit as well as create valuable content that meets customer needs.

  • “Drop hearing” – Attract

This step is to help you build relationships with customers. With “listening” will help strangers become more familiar. This is how you can build customer trust.

  • Convert

Once you have successfully reached customers, you move on to the next step which is to collect their personal information such as email or phone number. But in order for them to give you that information, you should give them some value so that they feel fair. Or you can provide the information they are looking for, it will be easier to leave the information.

  • Sell

After you have a set of quality customers, it’s time to start selling. You need to analyze customer behavior to find the right time to drive their buying process.

  • Enhance customer value

Once you have a certain set of customers, you need to create value for them. Because customers can be a great referral channel for the product they have experienced. So, how do you make your customers feel your value?

Above is all about Inbound Marketing, good luck!

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