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What is Influencer Marketing? How to do Influencer Marketing effectively?

What is Influencer Marketing ? Does marketing through influencers bring great benefits to businesses? Besides, how is the implementation of Influencer Marketing really effective? Let’s find the answers to the above questions together.

1. What is Influencer Marketing?

In a word, Influencer marketing is  a marketing strategy where a company asks influencers to promote its brand or products or services. Businesses will send advertising messages to customers thanks to the prestige and influence of Influencers. This also means that the business will turn the Influencer’s fan base into its customers. Through this campaign, Influencers will be paid an agreed-upon commission. Thus, both sides benefit.

Influencer Marketing La Gi Cach Thuc Hien Hieu Qua The concept of Influencer Marketing

In the past, an Influencer could be a famous beauty queen appearing on television with a product in her hand and not sparing praise. Nowadays, the Influencer marketing strategy is applied by businesses in a more subtle and skillful way. This makes it easier to attract customers.

A good example of the influencer marketing trend is the combination of a French horror film crew with the guy PewDiePie – an Influencer known through Youtube. They did a video series. PewDiePie did the challenges in the crypt.

This series of videos has attracted 27 million followers on PewDiePie’s channel. At the same time, just released, the movie trailer also attracted twice as many views. So both PewDiePie and the other studio benefit.

2. What are the benefits of Influencer Marketing?

Applying marketing methods often brings certain benefits to businesses. Same goes for Influencer Marketing.

Influencer Marketing La Gi Cach Thuc Hien Hieu Qua 1 Benefits of Influencer Marketing

2.1 Increase brand awareness

Influencers who advertise products from businesses will help increase awareness. Especially for the faces associated with the brand. When it comes to a certain product/service, you will know which brand it belongs to. That is the benefit of influencer marketing to businesses.

2.2 Reaching the right potential customers

Influencers have a certain number of followers, these followers are people who are interested in the specific field in which the influencer operates. When influencers make advertising can target exactly the right group of customers. This is also the group of potential customers that businesses are targeting.

2.3 Increase the level of trust and confidence with the brand

In an era where there are so many businesses and establishments that launch a variety of products, consumers will have a hard time choosing the right product. They tend to look to people who are knowledgeable about the relevant field such as experts, influencers. Customers will trust the products advertised by influencers more than ordinary people.

2.4 Bringing high profits to businesses

Customers who come to your products from influencers often have a positive view of the product. This is a good signal to help businesses close orders more easily. Influencer Marketing is more profitable for businesses than some other forms.

Not only that, the spread of information is also faster than conventional forms of advertising. That is why many businesses now choose this marketing method to apply.

3. How to choose Influencer to cooperate?

In order to bring about the desired effect, businesses should pay attention in choosing the appropriate Influencer. So are there any criteria to choose the right influencer?

Influencer Marketing La Gi Cach Thuc Hien Hieu Qua 2 Influencer Marketing

3.1 Based on coverage (Reach)

The main coverage is the number of followers, the number of fans of the influencers. They have a large number of fans and followers, the more they will be appreciated by businesses. Because that memory can reach a large number of potential customers.

3.2 Based on brand relevance (Relevance)

Businesses will prioritize choosing influencers that have a certain connection to their field of business over those from outside the industry. This brings greater efficiency in advertising, hits the subconscious of customers, and increases credibility for customers.

The key determinants of relevance are:

  • Personal brand: it is the influencer’s own style of fashion, lifestyle, and statement.
  • Personal information: age, gender, marital status and field of activity.
  • Content of the article: writing style, the main topics that influencers are interested in through posts on social networking sites.

3.3 Relying on the ability to orient (Resonance)

Determine the engagement of followers, fans with posts of influencers. The posts of influencers that are actively interacted and shared, the higher the orientation ability.

3.4 Emotional Index (Sentiment)

Determine through whether influencers bring positive or negative emotions to followers, people who care. The private life, statements, things that influencers do can have a certain impact on followers. Followers can either overestimate the influencer’s actions through their actions.

Thus, the article introduced what Influencer Marketing is and how it brings benefits. You can also refer to the criteria for selecting the appropriate Influencer to apply.

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