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What is Marketing Automation? All about Marketing Automation 2022

Over the past time, many people doing marketing, doing business, to businesses always talk and exchange a lot about Marketing Automation . But, what is Marketing Automation actually? What benefits do they have? How it works, not everyone knows. Today, let’s find out in detail about this automated marketing method in the article below.

1. What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is a concept that refers to the use of automated software in the marketing process of businesses. This software will be designed to undertake and optimize the marketing tasks to be operated smoothly, efficiently and on schedule. Marketing automation will help the Marketing team save some time without affecting the quality of work. This will help you reach your goals faster.

Marketing AutomationMarketing Automation

2. Process of Marketing Automation

Every day, there are many marketers who still compose emails and send them to hundreds of customers in the database in the hope of attracting a few of them interested in their information. Does that approach still work in this era?

  • You are wasting your time, your brains and even your money for people who are not necessarily interested in the information you share.
  • Sending email without selection is very easy to lose customers because they feel bothered. One day, they block all your communication. You have lost the opportunity to reach them in the future.

Quy TrinhProcess of Marketing Automation

That’s why we need to promote a marketing automation system. Not only does it allow you to nurture leads through the entire buying process. Implement the process on a large scale, but still ensure individualization for each customer.

There are many marketing automation software in the world today. Most notably, HubSpot – a software specializing in Marketing and Sales built on the foundation of Inbound Marketing. HubSpot software helps businesses find more potential customers in the shopping and information search process. HubSpot provides many tools to help the Marketing and Sales of a Business work effectively and Marketing Automation is one of them.

Below is an automated email delivery process done using HubSpot – Software with a marketing automation tool built on the Inbound Marketing platform.

  • Step 1:  You send an Email inviting to download your latest Ebook to a group of potential customers who will be interested in the content of this book.
  • Step 2:  You thank everyone who has interested and downloaded the Ebook that you sent them earlier.
  • Step 3:  A few days later, you send another email to the people who have downloaded the ebook. The content of this email is to provide them with a little more material (report/ebook…) related to the content with the first ebook and recommendation.
  • Step 4: Finally, when the customer continues to download the document you sent in Step 3, the Marketing Automation system will immediately send a notification to the sales team for them to follow up and take care of more closely. At this point, the customer has already expressed a lot of interest in you so they are fully qualified and can go further in the buying journey.

Try to put yourself in the customer’s mind. If you receive an email introducing products/services of a company. You will feel disrespected when your email is like thousands of others. All use common personal pronouns, not specific. If it’s a personalized email in return: Yes, sent to your name will your impression be better? Do you feel more confident and willing to care about this service/product than before? 99% the answer is yes.

ProcedureMarketing Automation Process

 But marketers cannot repeat this operation thousands of times just to change the name, change the last name for each email. Marketing Automation will help you get the job done quickly and efficiently and also give you accurate reports on the results achieved.

3. Benefits of Marketing Automation for businesses

With the development and application of technology, the application of Marketing Automation always brings great information and benefits to businesses.

Marketing AutomationBenefits of Marketing Automation

3.1 Expand the range of potential customers

  • Through the data collected and measured on both the web and social networks, businesses will quickly build a portrait of potential customers.
  • Using Marketing Automation, you can send articles and information to customers very quickly with the support of the software.
  • From the acquired data, after building customer portraits, you can segment detailed customer groups by interests, locations, demographics, and behaviors. From there, you will have the most relevant messages.
  • Once completed, the customers you reach, collect data will pass to the sales team to make a funnel. After exploiting and taking care of orders

3.2 Support optimization of Marketing campaigns

Marketing Automation will help you optimize your customer touchpoints. From these, you need to build strategies as follows:

  • Use touch-based messages.
  • Up email campaigns.
  • Build email campaigns to engage and maintain care with customers.
  • Build audience files according to Marketing campaigns.

3.3 Generate Leads and Improve Marketing ROI

In addition to the problem of automating how to maintain interaction with customers. Marketing Automation through analysis, they help to minimize measurement time, increase efficiency for touchpoints and optimize campaigns.

Thanks to the automation process, Marketing Automation helps optimize opportunities and improve the ROI of the whole campaign.

Above is all there is to know about Marketing Automation that we want to share.

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