What is Mindset? Overview of Mindset that you need to know

As technology develops, machines gradually replace humans in labor and production. But one thing that never goes away is mindset. Coming here, many of you will be curious to know what is Mindset,  right? That is “thinking” – The word existence and development associated with each individual. However, to bring a marketing service with a positive mindset is an arduous and challenging path. To prepare for the inevitable shift of the future, we invite you to join Write Bai Xuyen Viet to learn about mindset in marketing.

1. What is Mindset?

Mindset is the belief that guides the way we handle and face situations in life. Mindset is also understood as a pattern of thinking, the way we see ourselves and the world. Many people often define mindset as a worldview (outlook in life) or mentality.

What types of Mindsets are there?

Mindset La Gi Tong Quan Ve MindsetThe concept of Mindset

Psychologist from Stanford University Carol Dweck (2006) has researched on mindsets and pointed out that there are two types of mindsets.

  1. Fixed mindset – fixed mindset. People with a fixed mindset believe that they are born with fixed qualities, abilities, or talents that cannot be changed. They will see setbacks and setbacks as proof that they are not good enough and stop trying.
  2. Growth mindset: people with a growth mindset believe that their abilities and talents can be trained and developed through hard work and persistence. When they fail, they may not be able to change the situation, but they can see it as a lesson to grow and keep trying.

The story of the Tortoise and the Hare is a clear example of these two mindsets. Surely you remember?

In the race to the finish line, the hare was proud that he would definitely beat the Tortoise. Even when he saw that he was far behind the Tortoise, the Hare stopped and fell asleep.

And the Turtle only knows that he has to work hard, just try to work hard, there will be a chance to win.

In the end, although the speed was slow, the Tortoise reached the finish line first. By the time the Hare woke up, it was too late, even if he ran up to run, he could not catch up with the Tortoise.

– Rabbits here have a fixed mindset. He believes his natural ability means winning the race.

– Turtles have a growth mindset. He believes that as long as he works hard, perseveres, and doesn’t give up, he will win. It was because he was not afraid of failure that he accepted the invitation to participate in the race with the Rabbit.

Think about which side your mindset is leaning towards?

If you believe that you can develop a skill or talent with practice and effort, then you probably have a growth mindset.

But if you find yourself making excuses for not doing something (for example, I don’t know how to do this, I don’t have the skills to do this) then you probably have a fixed mindset. .

But the good news is that we can all change our mindset. Just like a new subject, you also need to invest time and effort to transform your mindset.

2. Mindset development trend in marketing

Technology 4.0 develops strongly, society is constantly changing and improving. Therefore, the mindset needs to be constantly improved and renewed to keep up with the times. To convert, advertisers need to keep up with 3 future trends:

Mindset La Gi Tong Quan Ve Mindset 1Mindset in Marketing

  • Create attraction, retain customers: Trends or trends only happen in a certain period of time. So you need to know how to seize the opportunity, become trendy instead of chasing it. To do this, you need to analyze and constantly update the information that customers are looking for. Thereby attracting, stimulating curiosity and conquering them with core values.
  • Give customers a real experience: Customers now have enough knowledge and information and what they need is real experience. Therefore, there is nothing better than creating wonderful positive experiences.
  • Increase brand awareness: Through advertising tools, advertisers can get closer to the desired target customers. But how do you get them hooked, overwhelm them, and click the link? To increase trust, connection and brand impression, you need to focus on Brand Name.

3. The sequence to have the perfect mindset?

To have a good mindset, you need to clearly understand what  Mindset is  and build yourself a specific route. To deliver an experience that matches your customer requirements, you need to dig deep into what they are thinking, what they want, and what they need…

Mindset La Gi Tong Quan Ve Mindset 2Perfect Mindset

3.1 Put yourself in the customer’s shoes

People always have different levels of emotions. To receive signals and information fully and positively, you can make the most of live chat, phone, email, digital media…

Try to listen, respect what they share. With insight and overview, you will easily understand the message conveyed. In other words, to get to know someone well, you should put yourself in their shoes. Instead of thinking like a service provider, put yourself as a customer, trying to handle the problem according to your wishes and desires.

3.2 Build a good relationship

To have the right mindset, take advantage of the opportunity and create a connection with the customer. Maintain this mindset and you will be one of the first people they contact when they need help. At the same time, customers will also open their hearts and easily share “expensive” information.

To do this, you should train yourself to have good language skills, a natural tone of voice, and a gentle attitude. Always listen, respect what they want and offer solutions to help them overcome problems… Instead of thinking of them as customers, let go of that burden and treat them as a friend. From there, you will open up a friendly and open way of thinking.

3.3 Turn customers into winners

Many people are in a situation of arguing with customers. And now, a positive mindset will be the key to helping you solve all problems.

Instead of trying to come up with arguments and evidence to defeat and win about yourself, what you need to do is keep the relationship with the customer. Therefore, use your subtlety, ingenuity to take 2 out of the “battle” and make them a winner but still follow the path you set. That is the benefit when you learn about what Mindset art is.

4. Conclusion

Above is everything about Mindset that we want to share. Good luck!

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