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What is Online Marketing? Overview of Online Marketing

What is Online Marketing ? Overview of Marketing Online today! With the era of Internet digital technology becoming more and more popular, Online Marketing will become the fastest tool to promote the development of businesses. Effective Online Marketing not only brings the company’s product brand to everyone, but also acts as a bridge to help businesses stick closer to customers. So what is Online Marketing and what role does it play? Why is it so important to such an individual or business?

Read on to find out the answers below!

1. What is Online Marketing?

Currently, there are many different definitions of Online Marketing, but basically, online marketing can be understood as a combination of marketing activities based on the application of the internet and electronic means.

Marketing Online Marketing Online

Online marketing includes many areas such as social media, email marketing, SMS marketing, SEM/SEO… Depending on the needs, size, capacity, financial ability… that each individual, business, organization… will choose. Some suitable segments, or large companies will often apply all forms of marketing synchronously to ensure the highest marketing effectiveness.

Some popular forms of Online Marketing today:

  • Google Adwords advertising : to use this form of Online Marketing, you need to go through an intermediary unit as a bridge between the person who needs to advertise and the person who helps you advertise. Online advertising on the Internet is a connection system between buyers and sellers, thereby zoning out suitable websites for communication campaigns.
  • SEO Website : This is a form of website optimization with search engines like Google, Bing, etc. to make the website user-friendly. The purpose of this form of Search Engine Optimization Online Marketing is that when users search for keywords related to the products and services the company/business is providing, they will appear on top or rank well on Google, Bing etc…
  • Marketing on Facebook : This is the most preferred form of communication used today. The social network Facebook is no longer strange to Vietnamese users, according to the most recent statistics for every 100 Facebook users, about 95% of them are used to buy, sell and exchange goods. For successful Online Marketing On Facebook you need to identify the target audience well, know how to build content to post images, how to attract readers, etc…?
  • Marketing through Email : E-mail box Today’s email has been gradually replacing the traditional ways of sending mail before. Do not have to wait too long, with a few lines of complete information editing, you can transmit images, content, attached newsletters to everyone in the fastest way. The way of Online Marketing on Email you often see is encouraging to sign up for an e-newsletter when you visit a certain Website.

2. Overview of Online Marketing

Marketing Online 1 Overview of Online Marketing

2.1 Benefits

The benefits of Online Marketing for businesses and companies are a “living” proof that affirms the importance of this form of online advertising in today’s era, let’s take a look at a few practical benefits. that Marketing Online brings:

  • Remove all barriers of distance: because online marketing is essentially using the Internet environment to transmit information. Therefore, with just a device with an Internet connection, you can upload product advertising content to consumers across the country.
  • Save human resources and investment costs: you can completely use opinions and reviews from consumers in the most accurate way through popular social networking channels such as Facebook, Email, etc. to help you quickly. correct product defects and errors.
  • Easily track and evaluate changes according to each development period of the company or business. Specifically, when using the form of Online Marketing on the Website, you can understand the number of people accessing, the main search content from customers, etc.

2.2 Importance

Online marketing helps shape the brand in the minds of consumers

Currently, when there is a need to buy any product, the vast majority of consumers have the habit of searching for information online for reference or ordering online. Thus, when implementing online marketing campaigns, you can make the brand of the company, store or product reach and gradually ingrained in the subconscious of users.

Reach a huge source of potential customers:

For traditional stores or old forms of marketing (such as word of mouth, handing out loudspeakers, handing out leaflets, hanging banners, signs, etc.), you can only reach customers in the surrounding area. Meanwhile, online marketing will help bring your products and services to users all over the country, even abroad. Anyone using the internet is a potential customer that you can tap into thanks to the explosive growth of e-commerce.

Increase sales:

When you have reached and taken advantage of the huge potential customers on the internet, the increase in revenue and profit is not without controversy.

High efficiency, low cost

Compared with the cost of traditional advertising forms, online marketing brings long-term effectiveness but saves more cost, time and effort.

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