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What is overall SEO? Why is overall SEO applied by businesses in 2022?

Overall SEO  is an SEO method used by many businesses for their large and small projects. Overall SEO brings many benefits and value to businesses when using it. So what is overall SEO? Find out more through the article below right now!

1. What is overall SEO? Implementation steps

1.1 The concept of overall SEO

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Overall SEO is considered as the process of optimizing all websites in a user-friendly way by search engines such as: optimizing website structure, content and other forms of promotion.

This process will greatly improve the quality and increase the credibility of the website in the eyes of search engines, help the website to be crawled, indexed faster and more efficiently, and ranked higher on search results, contributing to increased efficiency. needs of customers and businesses.

The goal of Total SEO is to help customers capture the majority of the market in their business field. This is a long-term investment strategy that requires a lot of time to bring high efficiency in business and brand for the business.


1.2 The overall SEO implementation process

To do SEO effectively and help the website develop long-term and sustainably, it requires us to have a methodical, professional process and follow the following steps:

  • Step 1:  Analyze the site
  • Step 2:  Research and analyze keywords
  • Step 3:  Analyze your competitors
  • Step 4:  Optimize onpage SEO based on website research
  • Step 5:  Optimize the structure and content of the website
  • Step 6:  Put your website on search engines
  • Step 7:  Build Backlink (link)
  • Step 8:  Bring the Website to users widely

2. What should be noted when conducting Overall SEO?

To ensure the success of Total SEO implementation, there are a number of things businesses need to pay attention to.

2.1 Identify big long-term goals

Enterprises must set big and long-term goals, want to lead in the business field. Occupying high rankings on Google, as well as occupying customers’ minds is a big, long-term goal. Therefore, it takes an investment of resources and long enough time to focus on realizing that goal.

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2.2 Do everything with a professional touch from the start

If the first step of preparation fails, many other problems will arise. Therefore, the overall SEO process to succeed requires a specific, long-term plan from the beginning to ensure the end result is to bring the website and the article to the top.

2.3 Observe and track the movements of competitors and the market

Competitors and markets are always moving, changing, competing fiercely with forces that are hard to grasp. Therefore, Enterprises are always proactive in updating information about competitors and changes as well as market needs to have the best adaptive solutions.

2.4 Knowledge, experience and skills of human resources

The human resources team implementing the plans and strategies must understand the overall marketing plan of the business, ensuring to bring many search items to customers in the most quality way.

Starting from customer research, web engineering, content building, optimizing Digital Marketing channels for customers to lead to the success of Overall SEO.

3. Why should overall SEO be applied to businesses?

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Overall SEO is considered to be highly effective for websites in general and businesses in particular. However, not everyone understands the essence of using SEO overall in the business. Let’s take a look at some of the following features:

  • Giving trust and building credibility to customers
  • Increase the level of search frequency
  • Maintain the attraction and interest of customers to the website
  • Strategize your business
  • Connection between Marketing channels

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