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What is Proposal? How to write Proposal effectively

A perfect Proposal is considered the ultimate weapon to help you attract investors effectively. So  what is Proposal ? How to write Proposal to impress investors? Our today’s article will share with you important information about Proposal, please refer to it!

1. What is Proposal?

Proposal is understood as a proposal. This is a form of content used to present design ideas, images, implementation plans, etc., and information related to a project, event or work that you want to be done. In simpler terms, Proposal is a form of presenting ideas to customers or business partners to attract their attention about your project. This content can be presented in text, Excel or Powerpoint; as long as viewers can access the content you want to convey in a specific and complete way.

Vietnamese Proposal ProposalConcept of Proposal

2. What is the role of Proposal?

The theme is designed with many different purposes such as: marketing, Proposal for sponsorship, finding business partners, investors, etc. However, the core purpose is still to convey messages and ideas to stakeholders. objects of interest to attract their attention. Therefore, Proposal plays an extremely important role, considered as a bridge between businesses and businesses, between agencies and customers. It directly determines the long-term cooperation relationship between the parties.

Vietnamese Proposal Proposal Proposal 1The role of Proposal

In addition, Proposal helps businesses position their brand in the market and make themselves stand out from the competition.

3. Structure of the complete Proposal

Proposal is merely a form of content. However, to convey the full message, the idea is not simple. That’s why you need to memorize the following immutable structure:

Vietnamese Proposal Proposal Proposal 2The structure of Proposal

3.1 Introduction – An introduction

This is the opening section, where you send the reader basic information. As a result, it helps them have an objective and comprehensive view of the content they are about to receive. In the introduction, information about the project name should be highlighted; Project executor; The main purpose of the Proposal; Program content and framework; Contact Info; Full contact information…

But first of all, to get people’s attention, the first thing you need to do is find a short and catchy title. To stimulate curiosity, you need to understand what their psychology is interested in.

3.2 Customer is center – Client is center

The core of a quality Proposal is to solve the customer’s problem. To do this, show what they will get and show the real, possible benefits. Absolutely do not draw fantasies, far away because this will make customers doubt your ability.

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes to know what they need and want: Why do the program; Benefits received by customers; Time and place of execution.

3.3 Proposal – What you propose to do

This is a highlight of what Proposal is all about. In other words, it will determine whether your Proposal is really valuable or not. You need to show the best ideas and solutions to convince customers. Note that they must be truly brand-appropriate and objective.

Depending on the type of Proposal, the presentation will also be different. For simple Proposals, you should summarize, encapsulate the content, provide an easy-to-understand solution and attach a price list. If you require in-depth, you can build your own content such as Subcontractors (contractors), Sales Plan (sales plan), Marketing Plan (marketing plan), Teamwork (team), Research (research), …

3.4 Expertise, experience – Expertise, experience

Give them a reason to choose you over anyone else out there. If you want to prove your ability, give specific information and data such as the history of formation and development; HR model; Successfully implemented projects or awards, certificates of individuals, organizations… The more beautiful the parameters, the more proportional to the higher the ability to convince customers.


Above is everything about Proposal that we want to share. Good luck!

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