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What is SAAS? What are the basic characteristics of SAAS?

At present, the rapid development of the electronic technology industry has given rise to many new terms. SAAS is one of them. It makes data storage convenient, so it appears more and more in businesses. So what is SAAS  and what are its basic characteristics? Let’s refer to the article below to understand what SAAS is!

1. What is SAAS?

To be able to explain and clearly state the concept of this term, surely no one will be able to state it. Because they only appear in many fields of information technology, if you do not delve deeply, grasping the concept will become more difficult. So  what exactly is SAAS ?

Saas La Gi Tim Hieu Moi Thu Ve SaasLearn about SAAS

Accordingly, SAAS is an abbreviation of the English phrase Software as a Service, they are translated into Vietnamese and we can temporarily understand as software designed as a service. SAAS is designed around the model of licensing and delivering services from software applications.

Therefore, suppliers will not be able to directly and distribute products as usual. Instead, they will have to do software programming to maintain and operate them on the website platform. In particular, when customers want to use the feature, they only need to visit the website and pay a cost depending on the package you choose, the price is different.

Therefore, this software is now widely applied and they appear in many different fields. In particular, SAAS is the most prominent in chat software, office software or statistical calculation software, …

2. SAAS . coverage and development potential

Nowadays, the development of SAAS model is becoming more and more popular and widely applied. They even become a development trend and are covered in most countries, in which we cannot ignore Vietnam.

Saas La Gi Tim Hieu Moi Thu Ve Saas 1Coverage and growth potential of SAAS

2.1 SAAS is widely covered

Surely when anyone is referring to this article, has also been using this software at least once. This pattern we can see the development is most obvious when they are widely developed.

More specifically, SAAS will be provided by Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Adobe creative cloud, etc. Most of the software has occupied a significant part and in the future there will be a monopoly in the technology market for a while. Upcoming.

2.2 Bringing growth potential

In 2017 it was possible to value this model at $44.4 billion and is expected to reach $100 billion by 2021. From these projections, we can clearly see that their outstanding growth rate is extremely large. There is hardly an industry that can match and create opportunities and growth potential of the software services industry.

To confirm this speed of development, we must have authentic grounds that this website comes from many different major suppliers. From there, we can see the diversity of service models, stimulating the development in the direction of modernity.

On the other hand, this model is the premise to promote increased integration between many software together. From there, it brings smooth and fast operation, creating great power to improve the business in use.

3. What are the salient features of SAAS?

Besides learning  what is SAAS ? do not forget to refer to the outstanding features of SAAS. Among them we can mention such as:

Saas La Gi Tim Hieu Moi Thu Ve Saas 2Salient features of SAAS

Easy to use configuration

The configuration part of SAAS application will not be too different from normal applications. Therefore, the user completely adjusts the elements related to the interface or features of the software to suit the user’s purposes. The customization of this application will still depend a lot on the design level.

Integrated information sharing function

One of the outstanding features of this software is the integration of information sharing function. When using SAAS you can share any information or allow collaboration to make edits from many different sources.

This sharing is only through a given link. With this feature that only appears in SAAS translation software and the ability to store their data on the SAAS website platform can do it.

With  what is SAAS  has been answered above and with a lot of interesting information, you certainly have seen the special advantages of this software. When using SAAS, you will own a series of outstanding features that help users quickly undo steps and perform faster and simpler.

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