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What is Salesforce? Overview of Salesforce that businesses need to know

SalesForce  is one of the most frequently mentioned names when it comes to customer relationship management solutions. But not everyone understands this tool well. Therefore, we would like to summarize and provide readers with the basics of SalesForce, what is SalesForce and an overview of SalesForce below.

1. What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is the world’s leading customer request-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software solution. It’s a total CRM software solution that delivers a range of sales and customer service-intensive CRM applications for small and mid-sized businesses.

Salesforce La Gi Tong Quan Ve Salesforce What is SalesForce?

2. What are the preeminent features that every business needs of Salesforce?

2.1 Chatter

The Chatter module allows employees to quickly update and share information with customers and related departments. This tool not only creates efficiency when working and helps to quickly coordinate internally, but also creates relationships between customers and related departments in the company.

2.2 Customer management and contact information

This feature of Salesforce CRM software helps sales staff to capture customer information quickly. For example, information about transaction history, customer income, etc. These stored information has the same use as a reference source for sales and marketing. Starting from tracking the activities and history of customer information, employees can locate, collect and build work plans suitable for each type of customer.

2.3 Follow up and find sales opportunities

With the opportunities that come with Salesforce CRM software, business owners will capture important details of contract information, such as how much the sales opportunity will be worth, what the competition will look like, and how much it will cost. steps in progress, etc. Thanks to the continuous monitoring of contracts, the chances of successful signing will be significantly increased.

2.4 Information Library

Built into Sales Cloud software, the information library saves users from struggling with millions of folders and emails. Along with popular web functions such as tagging, search, ranking, etc. will help employees and business owners quickly find the information they need.

Salesforce La Gi Tong Quan Ve Salesforce 1 Information Library

2.5 Managing strategic partners

Owning a partner management function makes the process of working with strategic partners as easy as the cooperation between departments in the company. This tool will allow closer and more detailed work management with your partner over time: by sharing business parameters and tracking the stages of cooperation of the two parties.

2.6 Analysis, reporting and forecasting in business

With just a few simple steps, from employees to management can find business data very quickly. This will help business decisions, sales to be captured and managed more accurately.

Salesforce La Gi Tong Quan Ve Salesforce 2 Analysis and reporting

Businesses will better estimate revenue and customer needs, thereby making more accurate business decisions and not worrying about the problem of duplicate orders and potential customers. power,…

2.7 Establish and manage workflow

The cumbersome procedures, the paper work will no longer limit the sales capacity of the unit because this application will allow the business owner to monitor all the activities of his subordinates, eliminating the possibility of Duplicate job assignment and support other useful features such as: sales process automation, flexible work assignment, business resource allocation.

2.8 Email and productivity

Salesforce’s Sales Cloud feature will allow sales staff and business managers to simultaneously use other applications such as Google, Microsoft Outlook, etc. This allows businesses to integrate with many different tools. Different tools will help Salesforce process work faster and better performance.

2.9 Marketing and lead management

With the ability to manage data in a centralized and scientific manner, each marketing campaign of the business will be closely monitored through each stage. Salesforce will help marketing activities closely connect with ongoing business activities.

2.10 Mobile work support

With quick access on mobile devices, you can easily remember a phone call or respond to a customer. Moreover, accessing and important information such as sales opportunities and visual reports, etc., without having to open the computer makes work can happen anytime, anywhere.

Through the above sharing, we have a very clear understanding of what Salesforce is as well as the benefits it brings to businesses. So it’s not surprising that Salesforce CRM is now trusted by 93,000+ businesses worldwide. They are all famous corporations in the world such as: Dell, Symantec, City Group and dozens of leading companies in Vietnam such as: Capitaland, ANZ, Prudential, …

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