What is SIP Trunking? Learn more about SIP Trunking 2022

SIP Trunking  can significantly cut costs and increase the reliability of your business phone system. To determine the right service for your business, you need to carefully research and evaluate your business’ communication needs.

SIP trunk pricing is based on several factors, like your provider and add-ons. As a small business owner, you are always looking for ways to cut costs and optimize your business. SIP Trunking  is an increasingly popular way for businesses to reduce phone costs and improve telecommunications bandwidth, but it can be a confusing service. We’ve broken down what a SIP trunk is and how you’ll know if it’s right for your business.

1. What is SIP Trunking?

Sip Trunking is this trunk line, responsible for transmitting signals between voip phone service providers to customers. Currently, there are 4 popular trunking services that can be mentioned as  SIP ,  GSM ,  E1  and  PSTN.

Sip Trunking La Gi Tim Hieu Chi Tiet Ve Sip Trunking The concept of SIP Trunking

Definition of trunks:

  • SIP: Is a voice trunk line service running on SIP protocol provided in all provinces and cities nationwide for customers who are organizations and businesses equipped with IP PBX (with SIP protocol support) used to create connections for landline phone numbers.
  • E1: A service that provides a connection between the local exchange and the terminals of subscribers with multiple main lines.
  • GSM: This is a service that provides a connection between the switchboards of a terminal service provider through mobile numbers.
  • PSTN: This is an analog trunk used to connect to public telephone systems.

2. Benefits of SIP Trunking

The biggest benefit of using sip trunking as your business phone system is that it is highly cost effective. This is for many reasons, but mainly because it eliminates the costs of long distance calls. If your business typically makes nationwide or oceanic phone calls, sip trunking might be the answer for you.

Sip Trunking La Gi Tim Hieu Chi Tiet Ve Sip Trunking 1 Benefits of SIP Trunking

2.1 Centralized Network

SIP also disables the use of both data networks and touch phones. Since SIP is IP-based, you can fully enjoy a centralized network with multiple digital streaming capabilities conveniently spread out and no physical infrastructure required, which means no budget. maintenance or hardware .
Disabling the PSTN port allows the SIP trunk to link directly to the selected internet smartphone service provider (ITSP), eliminating subscription fees and giving you more flexibility in how you spread the service. telecommunications services by offering more bandwidth options at lower prices.

2.2 Local call charges

A Sip Trunking allows all calls to be local calls by making them over the internet, avoiding the costs of long distance or international calls. The Sip Trunking line sends the call to the carrier termination point, where the call is routed to the local PSTN, thus only charging you for a local call.

To compete with ITSP, many Sip Trunking providers   have added services like ENUM or phone number mapping, allowing you to use the same phone number no matter where you are in the world. They also offer the elimination of 800 numbers by providing a local number based on your location.

2.3 Scalability

SIP Trunking is flexible and easily extensible, with an unlimited number of channels allowed per trunk and no physical installation or setup required. New channels can be added and activated in a matter of hours.

2.4 Crash recovery

SIP trunking services tend to be much more resilient and resilient than legacy smart phone system networks during a disaster Whether it’s a network failure, natural disaster or hardware failure, most The services will have solutions to protect you and still be able to make calls. These may include geo-reserving, routing calls to different locations or document centers, or distributed network management centers.

3. Conclusion

Above is all the information about SIP Trunking that we want to share. Good luck!

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