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What is SMS Brandname? Why should businesses use?

SMS Brandname is considered a great application, very useful for businesses in promoting and taking care of customers… So what is SMS Brandname? Why should businesses use? Let’s find out together!

SMS BrandName

SMS Brandname (Brand Message) is a mass messaging service that helps businesses send care and promotion messages to hundreds of thousands of customers in a short period of time. One thing worth noting for businesses that do not know this service or do not understand what SMS brand name is, is that when messages are sent to customers, the brand name will be displayed in the sender section instead of displayed. phone number. Thanks to this feature, customers can easily identify you effectively.

What to use SMS BrandName for?

Any business wants to retain customers, find potential customers, increase awareness for its brand and products. Therefore, businesses often choose SMS Brandname with two main purposes.

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  • Advertising, sales: This is one of the most common purposes of using SMS Brandname. These messages often refer to promotions, discounts and new product and service introductions of the brand.
  • Customer care: Brands will take care of customers by sending text messages or emails. The main content of these messages is usually thank you, congratulation or support information for customers such as happy birthday, accumulated points notification …

Why use SMS BrandName?

To promote your Business brand more strongly, you definitely need this brand message.

Or you don’t want your brand to be registered and successfully promoted by others?

Don’t you want to regret not using brand messaging sooner?

You need to use SMS BrandName to:

  • Increase efficiency in reaching customers, reducing SMS marketing costs
  • Increase professionalism. The company has its own positioning and identity to avoid confusion.
  • Easy brand recognition
  • Don’t worry about Spam SMS like with normal messaging service
  • Create customer friendliness
  • The number of companies using brand messaging is increasing, so you should register now or you will have the same brand name.

The benefits of brand messaging (SMS brandname)

High message open and read rate

In fact, 98% of all SMS messages are opened and read by the recipient. This comes from the user’s habits, so it is very beneficial for the SMS Marketing campaign of the business.

 Brand Positioning

The messages used in the SMS Marketing campaign of the business are usually customers who have used the product, service or have a certain interest in the business. Therefore, the ability to position the brand is often higher.

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Low cost

SMS Marketing helps your business market to an already plowed, seeded and prepared field. This helps businesses save on marketing costs, and your profits can be larger.

Moreover, compared to traditional marketing methods, SMS Marketing usually has a lower cost. Some software even support free SMS marketing – software that sends free messages from your computer or free messaging software from your computer to your phone, supporting marketing activities of businesses, government brand wave more widely.

Right audience, highly personalized

If used properly, the 160 character SMS limit will really become one of the channel’s main strengths. It business when sending promotional SMS, marketing must be clear and concise.

On the other hand, SMS marketing messages can be personalized to your customer base and delivered to them in seconds. This personalization is built around anything, be it from name, demographics to customer buying behavior or location.

High conversion rate

One of the annoying things for many people is receiving spam. But, with the advent of shortcodes, being able to choose whether to participate in the SMS flow or not immediately creates a lot of sympathy for your customers. And for customers who have opted in to the SMS flow, it will often result in high conversion rates.

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