What is SMS? Secret information about SMS you probably never knew

SMS , also known as Short Message Service (SMS) is a telecommunications protocol that allows sending short text messages over wireless networks (no more than 160 characters, including letters and numbers). and some other characters). The number of characters in each message is applied according to the language of each different country. For accented Vietnamese messages, the maximum is only 70 characters/SMS, for unsigned Vietnamese or English, can only write 160 characters/SMS. If the character is exceeded, additional serial messages will be generated, resulting in an overhead. Therefore, Vietnamese carriers always use unsigned Vietnamese when texting service announcements to customers via SMS.

Unlike many of today’s messaging services, such as MMS and other voice calling services, SMS still works on basic networks and is based on the three major network technologies: GSM, CDMA, and TDMA.

The short message service is available on most mobile phones and some PDAs with wireless communication capabilities.


The most popular types of SMS today:

Brand Messages – SMS Brandname / Brandname SMS

Brand message (SMS Brandname) is a marketing solution through messaging on mobile phones. Thereby, the brand name (eg: VIETTEL, Samsung…) is displayed in the sender (from, sender) part of the message instead of normal phone numbers in the form of 09x.


Messages sent from the beginning of the number

Unlike a brand message, a prefix message is sent from one of the following prefixes:

First number 6xxx or 8xxx: The quality of sending messages is stable, brand awareness is average.

Fixed mobile number: when sending a message to multiple people, the end user will receive a message from a unique mobile number, for example 09xxxxxxxx. This type of message has good quality and saves up to 50% in cost compared to branded messages. Brand awareness is low.

Random mobile number: when sending a message to many people, each person can receive a message from a different number. This is the cheapest type of messaging, but it is less stable than other types of messages.

Multimedia Messaging – MMS

Multimedia Messaging Service is a mass messaging solution that enables the transmission of text content, images, animations, and sounds to end users.


Flash SMS – USSD

Flash SMS is similar to other text messages but is sent directly to your phone’s home screen, allowing users to read and interact immediately on the screen without opening the message from the Inbox.

USSD (Unstructure Supplementary Service Data) is a high-speed interaction protocol used in GSM-based mobile phones, allowing mobile subscribers to interact with the carrier.

Flash SMS can integrate USSD to deploy appropriate mobile marketing scenarios such as inviting customers to participate in surveys or sending OTP codes for online transactions, reminding important events…

How does SMS texting work?

When you make a message and send a message, your message will immediately be transferred to and stored at a center. This center is called the SMC message storage center, also known as Stored Message Central in a snap.
Next, the message will be quickly transferred to the recipient’s machine via a separate channel for easy control. Therefore, this type of service will not be interrupted if at the same time there is an incoming message or a sudden call.

What is the role of SMS?

Everyone thinks that SMS is mainly used to exchange information with each other but do not know its full function. It is the medium that has changed the communication habits of users, replacing the postal letters. As a result, SMS users can communicate with each other quickly, efficiently and secretly.
Moreover, SMS is also a utility to help us update bank account information. As a result, the security of the account can be increased and it is easier to support the use of social networking services.

What are the benefits of SMS messaging?

The introduction of SMS along with the phone has completely changed the way people communicate. Making traditional methods of communication obsolete. Letters and postal services. Improve transmission speed and reduce uptime. It can be seen that SMS is a breakthrough development, although currently using messenger, facebook, skype or Zalo messaging applications in Vietnam has made SMS no longer used much.

Through the article on Lokas, we have provided you with the most general way about SMS messages. Thereby, helping you understand how old SMS messages are to have a basic knowledge of this age-old type of messaging.



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