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What is Social Media Marketing? Overview of Social Media Marketing

The development of technology era 4.0 marked the birth of many marketing methods, forms and means. And when it comes to Marketing 4.0, ignoring Social Marketing is a mistake. If you are interested in Social Marketing, follow the full article below. We will provide you with the most detailed information about  Social Media Marketing .

1. What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing (marketing on social networks) can be understood as Marketing activities performed on social channels (social networks) in order to gain certain effects such as interaction with users, increase users’ awareness about services and products, especially promoting user’s buying behavior and product ownership through social networks.

Social Media Marketing 2Social Media Marketing

Popular social media channels today can be mentioned as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest… According to the most recent statistics, the number of members joining the Youtube social network has reached about 500 million and the number of members of Facebook has reached more than 750 million – these numbers show the huge influence of social networks on users today, and the explosion of these social channels has also generated market share of potential customers, vast and “fertile” diversity that any business wants to exploit and access

It is for these reasons that Social Media Marketing activities were born as a solution to optimize interaction and user reach for many businesses today. Social Media Marketing includes a lot of diverse activities, different depending on the field and industry in which it participates in promoting.

2. What does Social Media Marketing include? How to measure the effectiveness of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing 3How to measure the effectiveness of Social Media Marketing

2.1 Signs of Social Media

Social Media Marketing has its own distinctive signs that can be recognized on a large social network platform. As follows:

  • Personal User Account:  A personal user account is what defines your subjectivity when participating in Social Media platforms.
  • Personal page:  A place to show your personality on the Social Media platform. Here, you can Publicize your personal information, photos, phone numbers, emails, etc. or share what you like. However, please carefully protect personal information to avoid being taken advantage of by bad guys.
  • Information displayed content:  This is where you can view the information you are interested in, daily monitoring over time.
  • Notifications:  Helps you not to miss important information related to personal and social daily.
  • Interactive tools:  Allows you to express your feelings, comment on your personal views, and share your favorite content.
  • Friends, followers, hashtags, groups, circles, … create links between individuals and organizations participating in Social Media.
  • Evaluation, rating, voting : To give ideas to improve the quality of Social Media.

2.2 Classification of Social Media

Social Media includes 10 popular forms with a huge number of users as follows:

  • Social networks : Social networks connect
  • Media sharing networks:  A social network for sharing photos, videos, etc.
  • Discussion forums:  Sharing news and ideas
  • Bookmarking and content curation networks:  Discover, store, and share fresh content.
  • Consumer review networks:  Search and review businesses
  • Blogging and publishing networks:  Publishing content online
  • Interest-based networks:  Sharing interests and habits
  • Social shopping networks:  Online shopping
  • Sharing economy networks:  Trade in goods and services
  • Anonymous social networks: Anonymous social  networks

3. Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social Media BenefitsBenefits of Social Media Marketing

3.1 Creating brand identity

Gaining brand recognition is one of the most important marketing goals of any business. That’s because consumers want to buy brands they recognize. And Social Media Marketing has done this well.
Social media is more beneficial than traditional media because it can get your brand in front of people much quicker and easier. Moreover, it makes customers aware of your brand even if they were never interested before.

3.2 Interaction with customers

Things will be easier than ever when using Social Media because you can interact with a huge number of customers that traditional marketing methods can hardly do.

Collect data from Customer Insight to improve products

This is an extremely necessary job because you will have a deeper understanding of the customer, know the wants, desires, needs, … deep inside the customer to change the product to the most suitable.

3.3 Building customer loyalty

Customers follow and interact with brands that they have used the product with, or sometimes haven’t, but have engaging and engaging content. And if customers follow you, they are more likely to choose you over your competitors.

3.4 Social media can aid in link building and traffic growth

With engaging social content, you can not only build links, but also improve search engine rankings through these links. Accordingly, increasing rankings will make it much easier for you to sell products.

4. How to build an effective Social Media Marketing strategy?

An effective Social Media Marketing strategy should meet the following requirements:

  • Set clear and specific goals and KPIs:  Most traditional marketing campaigns in general and Marketing on Social Media channels in particular need parameters or targets to measure effectiveness. So, in order for your Marketing strategy to take place successfully, it is necessary to set specific goals and KPIs for each campaign and stage.
  • Focus on Certain Issues : Instead of pouring money into your campaign indiscriminately, you should focus on specific issues, well-defined audience groups, or yourself. You can focus on the weak points that your competitors are not doing well.
  • Invest in creative and attractive content:  Content is gradually taking over and becoming the main soul of many Social Media Marketing campaigns today. Because consumers now always search for things on the Internet and the thing that comes into contact with them before the actual product is the content (text, video, images …). Whether they want to come see the product in person or buy it also depends a lot on this factor.

Nội DungInvest in attractive content

  • Build your own consumer community:  Many large fanpages on Facebook now use Closed Groups as a place to gather and exploit their potential customers. (On Google Plus, there is also a similar function to create a separate group…). In specialized concepts, this can be seen as the private community of a company, business or organization. You can also focus on building these channels to strengthen the source of old products, or more convenient in launching new products.
  • Have a long-term plan:  A long-term and specific marketing plan / strategy, divided into each timeline will help your strategy be more closely followed and easier to achieve the most common goals.

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