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What is softphone? Learn details about Softphone in virtual PBX

Using Softphone helps businesses not to miss any important calls because they can connect with customers on many devices.

One statistic shows that one of the reasons why customers are frustrated with businesses is the inability to talk to live support staff over the phone. Faced with that need, Softphone was born and gradually became popular with businesses. Let’s learn about What is softphone through the following article.

1. What is softphone?

Softphone is an important part of phone emulation software. This software allows customers to make, receive and manage calls over the Internet. Calls can be made via mobile phones, fixed computers or Laptops, tablets with Internet connection…

Softphone La Gi Tim Hieu Chi Tiet Ve Softphone The concept of Softphone

Specifically, Softphone allows users to easily and flexibly make calls via VoIP service, virtual PBX service without hardware. This is a trend of connection, fast communication, popular today. Not only for voice calls, some Softphone software can also support you to make Video calls.

2. Things to know about Softphone

2.1 Cost optimization

Businesses can optimize costs when using Softphone, without investing in an extremely cumbersome and expensive hardware system. Only with a laptop, or a smartphone, it can be used immediately and can be used anywhere.

Softphone La Gi Tim Hieu Chi Tiet Ve Softphone 1 Cost optimization

2.2 Internal communication

Currently, most businesses have many branches and different departments to meet the needs of customers in each region. Therefore, the communication between branches, departments and information exchange will face many obstacles. However, Softphone can solve this difficulty for businesses when it is directly integrated into the virtual switchboard, unifying the communication channel between departments and branches. It also becomes easier to manage call information.

2.3 Flexibility

Softphones can connect you with colleagues and partners wherever you are in an extremely convenient way. Using Softphones is a great option as they are wireless and can be carried with you at all times.

Softphones can be installed on desktop computers, laptops or smartphones. Employees can access all the useful call center features no matter where they are. On the other hand, since they aren’t connected by wires, they can help make your office less cluttered.

2.4 Various features

In addition to the normal calling feature, Softphone also has other preeminent features such as: call recording, automatic greeting, built-in number, multi-party conversation, etc.

3. Advantages and disadvantages of using Softphone software

3.1 Advantages

One of the outstanding advantages of using Softphone software is cost savings. Especially, when the business already has a voice over IP provider, adding a Softphone will be inexpensive. In addition, standalone Softphone apps usually cost no more than $50 per month.

Softphone La Gi Tim Hieu Chi Tiet Ve Softphone 2 Advantages and disadvantages of Softphone

Plus, you won’t need to pay for extras and expensive meeting room hardware because the Softphone is equipped to handle video and audio conference calls.

In addition to cost savings, Softphone also:

  • Has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface;
  • Works with only existing hardware;
  • Has compatibility with many different browsers and devices;
  • No dedicated phone line is required;
  • Low-cost tiered pricing structure, suitable for start-ups and small businesses;
  • Flexibility in geographical location;
  • Easy software upgrades and installations; quick setup process;
  • Integration of CRM software;
  • Improved team collaboration;
  • Increase privacy for phone numbers;
  • Possibility to add a phone line through the online portal;
  • Reasonable customer service;
  • Video calling capabilities from any device.

3.2 Disadvantages

The biggest disadvantage of Softphone software is that its operation depends entirely on an Internet connection. It is understood that when something goes wrong like a power outage, storm, or insufficient bandwidth occurs, it affects the overall audio quality and availability. For this reason, many businesses have to retrofit a traditional phone system for backup.

Second, most Internet voice protocol providers already include Softphone features. This means you will have to pay an upfront cost. Even so, this service will help businesses reduce overall business operating costs in the long term.

4. Conclusion

Above is all the information about Softphone that we want to share. Good luck!

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