What is Storytelling? Details about Storytelling you should know

What is Storytelling ? Is this a new marketing method that is widely applied today? What are the benefits of applying Storytelling Marketing method? We will answer each question related to Storytelling in detail.

1. What is Storytelling?

According to the Cambridge dictionary definition, Storytelling means the act of writing, telling or reading a story; Or: the art of storytelling. Currently, there are many businesses applying the art of storytelling to promote their own brands.

Storytelling La Gi Thong Tin Chi Tiet Ve Storytelling The concept of Storytelling

Businesses will build interesting stories, more or less related to their products/services. Then share these stories widely to garner more interest. The more unique the story, the more readers it will attract.

Marketing by Storytelling helps to connect between people more effectively. Emotional connection is the way to bring customers closer to your business than ever before. And artistic storytelling is an easy way to create an emotional connection between businesses and customers.

2. What benefits does Storytelling bring to businesses?

It is not natural that now businesses all apply the form of Storytelling to promote their brands. What are the unexpected benefits of choosing the right marketing method?

Storytelling La Gi Thong Tin Chi Tiet Ve Storytelling 1 Benefits Storytelling brings to businesses

2.1 Brand Shine

Through the stories you tell, you can partly show the personality and direction of the business. The unique and distinctive features will make customers find and remember you longer.

2.2 Establish a leading position

Knowing how to use storytelling methods properly will help your business build a strong position in the market. Especially in the era of modern technology development like today. When there are a lot of online media that can be leveraged to promote the brand. Instead of simple commercials, artistic storytelling will be much easier to lead viewers.

2.3 Hit the customer’s psyche

With true stories, stories based on true events and details create the most effective emotions. The more emotion you put into the story, the easier it will be for the reader to perceive and empathize with it. Be honest, be realistic to achieve unexpected results.

2.4 Maintain old customers, attract new customers

Storytelling is also a way to help you retain your old customers. Through real stories, customers will feel like their own experiences. Especially with stories close to customers. Unique stories are also what attract new people to you.

The above has clearly explained what Storytelling is and what benefits it brings. So what do you need to pay attention to in order to be effective when telling stories?

3. The Basics of Storytelling

To achieve success when applying storytelling, everyone needs to master the following principles – GREAT Principle What is it?

Storytelling La Gi Thong Tin Chi Tiet Ve Storytelling 2 Fundamentals of Stotytelling

3.1 Glue

This is the connection between your story and your readers. And the special point is to make readers believe in what you share, it will help in keeping your position high when competing with competitors.

3.2 Reward

is the reward, which can be understood as the good things that people achieve in each story. It could be successfully losing weight, getting a desired job, finding true love or whatever the reader wants to achieve. It is necessary to create trust for readers that they will achieve such good things when using your product/service.

3.3 Emotion

Emotions, stories need to have a strong impact on the emotions of the readers to really attract them. What needs to be done to influence the emotions of the reader? That is to ensure the element of truth in the story. A story that may not be 100% realistic also needs to have real details inside it.

3.4 Authentic

Reliability, the level of credibility of your brand. Not only the truthful elements in the story, but the quality of your business’s services/products also needs to be maximized. In general, the quality of products/services is still what customers care most about when choosing to buy and use.

3.5 Target

The goal of the story. You need to know who your target audience is. As a result, greater success is achieved. Each story will have a specific group of readers suitable, please note this carefully to achieve the desired effect.

Those are the most basic principles of the Storytelling method. Storytelling art has never been simple, businesses need to understand the above principles to apply more effectively. The article also introduced what is Storytelling already? Learn and create unique values ​​for your business brand.

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