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What is tag? The role of the Tag tag in SEO that you need to know

For those who do SEO, the concept of  Tag is no longer strange. However, not everyone knows how to use the most optimal Tag tag. In the following article, we will answer all the questions to help you answer the question What is tag? From there, it helps you better understand its role in Website SEO and build SEO Content  around Tag tags.

1. What is a Tag?

Tag tag is another way of calling small topics, closely related to the main content mentioned in the article. The writer will select and add the Tag tag to the post. Usually this will appear on the right or bottom of the article, depending on the settings. For example: When writing an article on the topic ” SEO Website Services “, you can use tags such as: reputable Website SEO services, SEO services in Saigon…

The Tag The Tag In Seo Concept of Tag

Tag tags  can be temporarily divided into 2 types: Post tags and Product tags. They will collect articles on the same topic and categorize them into separate categories on the Web. If you use the Tag in the wrong way, it will not help the SEO Website process. Furthermore, this can cause duplicate content and create poor content indexes.

You can also use keyword research tools to find out which tags people are searching for. Some tools can be mentioned such as: keywordshitter, keywordtool, Keywordtoolaz… With the above tools, you will easily find small topics related to the main content on your Website.

2. Role of Tag in Website SEO

Tags will help you to create groups of articles according to different criteria than categories. For example, in the phone category classification, people will be divided into Samsung, Nokia brand tags, etc. After that, they will continue to classify by Tag attributes such as: touch screen, or qwerty keyboard, …

Therefore, for small topics, the content is not enough to form a category, then Tag is a great alternative. Then, the Tag will have the role of helping readers go to related articles more easily. Tags will help link readers with subtopics that interest them. For difficult keywords, few people search, using Tag will be the fastest and most optimal solution.

Tags also help search engines identify keywords and topics that a Web page covers. Moreover, the use of Tag in the article also helps the Website have more index on Google.

Simply put, by creating small themes, around the main content, you will bring great value to your website visitors. In return, Google will let your website rank higher, helping to increase traffic.

3. How to use Tag effectively

You need to re-organize the directory tree on your website. Always keep in mind that a Tag is also a category, so what should you do for it?

The Tag In Seo 1 How to use Tag effectively

  • Need to standardize the Tag page because it will be the landing page for that SEO.
  • Use Tag to divide the category by a different criterion than the current category.
  • Absolutely do not use the same Tag as the category name.
  • Do not create tags with similar content and create duplicates, making the Tag poor in content.
  • Use only words that make sense and have people search as Tags.
  • Do not use too many Tags in 1 article, product.
  • Only attach tags that are really related to products and news.

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