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What is the difference between PBX 1800 and 1900?

PBX 1800 and 1900 are two popular numbers, widely used in business. However, these two numbers still have differences in payment methods, numbering costs and rates. To learn more about these two numbers, please refer to the article below!

What do 1900 and 1800 switchboards have in common?

Firstly , the common feature of the 1800 and 1900 prefixes are two numbers licensed by the Ministry of Information and Communications to be used for the purpose of providing voice content services. Both of these numbers only have the function of receiving calls and are not allowed to make outgoing calls.

Second , these two prefixes are also similar in terms of the numbering implementation process:

  • How to choose a number;
  • Signing contracts to provide prefixes;
  • Deploy the number on the system within 3 days;
  • Check call charges online
  • The network operator will provide customers with a daily charge checking account.
  • Support login test from website.

What is the difference between 1900 and 1800 number switchboard?

Although there are many similarities. However, the  first two switchboards 1800  and 1900 still have obvious differences:


For the 1800 number:  free for callers to the 1800 switchboard. Enterprises when registering for the first number switchboard will have to pay all the costs incurred.

Voip 1199X800

For the number 1900:  there will be a charge for the caller. However, this cost depends on the rate of that number. Businesses when registering a number will enjoy a % discount from the provider of the phone number.

Cost of prefixes

In general, the cost of setting up prefixes is relatively similar in terms of deployment fee, monthly recurring fee (subscription fee, switchboard rental cost). However, for the 1800 number, the call fee is paid to the incoming caller. For the number 190  charge discount from the network operator (26% – 35%) of the total call fee.

First rate fare

For the 1800 number:  The business unit that registers to use the 1800 number has to pay the calling fee to the customer. Rates will be different for landline and mobile calls.

For the 1900 number:  The 1900 number has different calling rates corresponding to each case.

The nature of two numbers

For 1800 number:  Encourage customers to call the business for after-sales customer care and customer support. Aim to listen to customer feedback. About criteria such as quality, care and other comments.

For the first number 1900:  usually businesses provide information content services, entertainment consulting and customer care.

Above are sharing about the difference between 1800 and 1900 switchboard numbers. Hope to help customers choose the right number for their needs. Guaranteed to save investment costs but still operate most effectively.

Virtual PBX system is the optimal solution for customer care services of enterprises in the 4.0 era. These are the most popular numbers today. Each number has different characteristics. However, both numbers bring a lot of value to the business. If you are looking to install two  1800  and 1900 numbers for your business. Are you looking for a professional installer? Please contact us for the best support. We always accompany your business to bring the best call center solution.

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