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What is the difference between PBX and VoIP virtual PBX?

PBX and VoIP virtual PBX  are the two most popular types of PBX used by many businesses today. So how are these two stations different? Join us, find out through the article below!

What is voip virtual PBX?

VoIP Virtual PBX is a phone service that uses an IP platform to make calls to any number around the world. Just a simple installation from the service provider with an Internet connection, businesses can use the virtual switchboard for consulting and sales.

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What is PBX PBX?

PBX is an abbreviation of the English phrase Private Branch Exchange, which is a private telephone network used within a company. PBX phone system users share an external phone number to make outbound calls.

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Difference between PBX and VoIP virtual PBX

Operational efficiency of the switchboard

For PBX, the operating performance of the switchboard is completely used based on business conditions, number of lines, number of users. This is made by your whole business to determine high or low performance without being affected by external factors.

VoIP virtual PBX makes calls over the internet. So the amount of bandwidth coming from the internet service provider is limited. Because the cable connections are often shared with many users, when connecting at the same time with a large number of calls, the call quality will be affected.

Telephone equipment using PBX

VoIP PBX has more flexible ways of working and devices than PBX. When using this switchboard, users do not need to use separate devices, but only need to use laptops, tablets, and phone devices that only need an internet connection to make calls. Following these switchboards, there are software to create softphone clients and receive calls by mobile devices so users can work anywhere without having to go to the office.

For PBX, the devices used are cordless phones, landline phones or other devices that you often see. Businesses use PBX for fixed jobs, requiring someone to sit on duty in a certain position, but not as flexible as VoIP virtual PBX.

Configuration of VoIP and PBX

VoIP virtual PBX gives users many configuration choices. When using the VoIP virtual PBX service, users can set up to divert calls to different numbers. Besides, users also have the ability to transfer voicemail to mail.

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<span>VoIP virtual PBX gives users more configuration choices than pbx</span>

PBX systems are installed for the purpose of routing calls to extensions or forwarding all calls to certain numbers. This PBX system is not as flexible as the IP PBX.

Protocol to connect the PBX system

The way the PBX connects users is the most obvious difference between a PBX and a VoIP virtual PBX.

VoIP virtual PBX uses the connection by transmission and data transfer is based on the internet. When you want to use VoIP service, you need a network connection and equipment such as IP phones.

In contrast, PBX exchange is more complex, this exchange uses the line for outgoing and incoming calls. These lines are linked to individual switching systems.

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