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What is TVC advertising? What benefits does it bring to businesses?

What is TVC? Is an advertising method or an effective marketing strategy? What are the benefits of TVC advertising that many businesses today choose to advertise their businesses, products and services? Let’s find out with Monkey Media!

Currently, the TVC advertising model or video production is being chosen by many businesses as a marketing strategy. Because customers can glance at your image, but can spend 1 minute to watch your video. So what is TVC?

TVC stands for Television Commercials – Is a type of advertising through video introduction to promote products, services or brands of businesses. TVC ads always have a wide spread with no time limit but usually will be from 10-60 seconds. If the TVC is attractive, quality, attractive to customers, you are successful and vice versa, you will not have any customers if your TVC is bad.

1. What is TVC advertising?

TVC is an abbreviation of the phrase Television Commercials, which translates specifically as advertising on radio television (TV). This is a type of advertising with images and videos introducing the products/services of the business on television.

Tvc Quang Cao La Gi Loi Ich Mang Lai Cho Dn The concept of advertising TVC

The stations will schedule the broadcast of the program every day, alternating at the beginning, at the end or between the programs, which the station will broadcast TVC commercials. Compared to some other forms of advertising, TVC has a higher fee because of its higher spread and influence. Especially the times when advertising on national television is broadcast at popular time frames.

The content of TVC is quite diverse, depending on the creativity from businesses. To create high efficiency, video ads often apply creative language, especially rhyming songs. Skipping the frequency of repeating ads every day will make viewers remember products and brands longer.

2. Popular types of TVC advertising

Everyone already knows what advertising TVC is, so what are the popular types of TVC? With TVC, advertising is also classified according to the following types. People can refer to more to choose.

Tvc Quang Cao La Gi Loi Ich Mang Lai Cho Dn 1 Popular types of TVC advertising

2.1 TVC TV advertising

This is the type of advertisement that is broadcast on television. Depending on the time frame and broadcast channel to determine the cost of more or less. For example, an advertisement program that is broadcast before the 7 p.m. News broadcast will cost more than other time frames. Or advertising programs broadcast on national channels such as VTV will also have higher prices than local channels.

Advertising on television channels is not too long, often shortened. Besides, the content is also very strictly censored for broadcasting. Businesses need to ensure stable revenue to pay for this type of advertising.

2.2 TVCs advertise online

Another type of advertising is broadcasting on the Internet. It can be advertising on websites, social networking sites. Advertising on the Internet is not too limited airtime. Besides, the cost is also somewhat less, helping businesses save money while still targeting the right customers.

Besides the types of TVC advertising to introduce products, there are still some other types of advertising such as: introducing businesses; 3D advertising; conference and exhibition materials; recruitment advertising for the company; Internal communication of businesses…

3. Benefits of TVC advertising for businesses

TVC advertising is an acronym for the phrase Television Commercial – is a type of film or performance that is staged, produced, circulated on different media channels and paid for by companies, organizations and associations that want to advertise. promote a certain message. TVC advertising films usually have a length of: 10 seconds, 15 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds combining sound and images to form an extremely vivid movie to tell a story through which advertising about products or services or talk directly about products, services, and brands of businesses.

Today, TVC advertising is widely understood as advertising programs with short video clips with a combination of images and sounds, shown on screens anywhere, not just on television. TVC Advertising has become an indispensable weapon of many businesses to attack the psychology of consumers and customers. However, the reality is that there are still many domestic businesses that do not know the benefits of TVC Advertising.

4. Conclusion

Above is all about TVC advertising that we want to share. Good luck!

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