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What is Viral Marketing? Elements of Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing , or viral marketing is a term that is used a lot in this day and age when people want to refer to a successful campaign that gets people’s attention and attention “naturally” No need to use too many advertising techniques. So what is viral marketing?

1. What is Viral Marketing?

Viral Marketing La Gi Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing  , also known as viral marketing, describes a communication strategy that encourages individuals to share and spread impressive marketing messages. Like viruses, viral marketing takes advantage of rapid replication to send large amounts of information to many people.

This is the direction that creates the potential for exponential growth through social media channels. Through marketing channels to achieve brand goals or best sell certain items.

Other forms of viral marketing are also known as “word-of-mouth”: word of mouth, rumors, media effects, online interactions, etc. Encourage your customers to actively share products from their own perspective.

2. What are the factors that form Viral Marketing?

Accept this fact that with the current technology age, viral marketing campaigns will work better than other regular campaigns. There are 6 basic elements to building a highly effective viral marketing campaign.

Viral Marketing La Gi 1 Factors forming Viral Marketing

A viral marketing campaign doesn’t have to have all of these 6 elements, but the more elements it contains, the more viral the level will improve. So what are these 6 elements of  viral marketing ?

  • Provide free products and services
  • Provide the opportunity to exchange information to other objects easily
  • Scale from small to large appropriately
  • Stimulating contagious and motivating behavior
  • Use an existing appropriate communication network
  • Use other resources

2.1 Provide free bundled products and services

“Free” is a powerful word to attract outstanding high engagement. Most current viral marketing programs often give away valuable products or services for free to attract attention.

Viral Marketing La Gi 2 Free add-on service

An unwritten rule in marketing is the “law of giving and selling”. The cheap price will cause a wave of interest, but the free bonus often produces faster results.

Viral marketing will make you temporarily unprofitable, but if you can create a wave of interest, you will benefit in the long run. Why? Since spreading the word is free, it helps to get people’s attention and engagement.

2.2 Provide the opportunity to exchange and share information to other objects easily.

Marketing communications should be easy to convey and replicate: emails, web pages, graphics, and downloadable software. Media marketing is very popular on the Internet and communication corresponds to specific values ​​such as: fast, simple and cheap.

From a marketing perspective, you must simplify your marketing message so that it can be spread easily without loss of quality. The message is as short as possible, emphasizing the words “free” to attract new interactions.

2.3 Scale from small to large appropriately

To spread quickly, the methods of spreading must be expanded from small to large. The limitation of shared media information is the server’s response when the number of free users increases.

If this strategy is successful, the server must respond quickly and automatically. If the rapid propagation causes the server to be unable to respond to demand, the operation will fail completely. You have to build a strong server to adapt to the ups and downs flexibly.

2.4 Stimulating spillover and motivational behavior

Viral marketing plans often focus on human behavior and motivation. They often yearn to be known, loved, and understood. The urge, the urge is the driving force that drives the behavior leading to the spread. Design a marketing strategy based on basic human motivations and you will be the winner.

2.5 Use existing appropriate communication networks

Network marketers have long understood the power of human networks. Everyone on the Internet is trying to develop their own network. They collect email addresses, Facebook, etc. favorite websites to contact each other.

Viral Marketing La Gi 3 Use the right communication network

Affiliate programs take advantage of bridges between networks and contact lists. Learn how to organize the message you want to go viral, spreading it with contact information.

2.6 Use of other resources

What are the most creative schemes of  viral marketing ? It is using other people’s resources to spread the message of the product. Put links, graphics, product information on other people’s websites, the effect it brings will surprise you.

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