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What is virtual PBX technology? Popular technologies of virtual PBX in 2020

Virtual PBX system distributors all have their own technologies, but all with somewhat similar characteristics . In this article, we will share with you the virtual PBX technology that are commonly seen and are interested by many businesses in order to meet the needs of enterprises.

1. What is virtual PBX technology?

Virtual PBX technology refers to the category of tools used by contact centers for incoming and outgoing phone calls . These techniques leverage a combination of hardware and software to talk to the caller.

Listen To The Voice Of The World The concept of virtual PBX technology

Virtual PBX systems rely on a variety of  advanced techniques to transfer calls directly and accurately to agents . As more and more officials operate remotely , these technologies are  proving more and more valuable.

2. Popular technologies of virtual PBX

2.1 PBX

PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is an internal or private branch exchange used within a Company .

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Years ago, when technology was not yet developed, all PBXs were installed on-site. While older systems can still be used , they are often upgraded to Virtual or Hosted PBX to take advantage of the great features new technology has to offer .

2.2 VoIP

VoIP has become the standard for business phone service over the past few years. Most Businesses have purchased VoIP instead of traditional telephones (PSTN). Employees can use VoIP phones, PBX headsets or install Softphones on computers or optimized phones for more flexibility.

2.3 SIP Trunk

SIP trunking is a method of providing telephony services to supermarkets with their own IP PBX. It replaces the standard PRI model among traditional telephone operators and carriers . It acts as a bridge between VoIP and the public telephone network ( PSTN).

The SIP connection is not a physical connection, but a virtual connection between your restaurant and the ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider).

2.4 Popup

When the agent receives an incoming call, they will see a pop-up window with details about the incoming caller. The information is usually the name of the caller, past impulses , etc. This information is based on the caller ID and is cross-referenced with the CRM.

2.5 CRM

Most businesses store customer data in the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. Virtual PBX systems provide businesses with a CRM to store all the impact of their customers .

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CRM is considered the lifeblood of any business , helping businesses get general picture of users to come up with a timely and appropriate sales strategy .

2.6 Call Queuing

When the number of advanced calls exceeds the number of Agents, the calls will be queued. Call Queuing informs callers about estimated wait times .

Advanced virtual PBX systems provide this functionality but can limit the number of calls in the queue. If the timeout exceeds a certain threshold, you can even use the callback feature.

2.7 Queue Callback

With the Queue Callback feature, the phone system keeps a user ‘s position in the queue and calls them when an Agent is available. Most virtual PBX solutions simply can not do this feature.

This is considered a useful feature , it not  only saves time for customers but also reduces discomfort because of long waiting time.

2.8 Call recording

For older systems, recording calls often requires cumbersome and complex hardware devices . Systems now record and store calls from the Virtual PBX, making it possible for supervisors to listen to recorded calls and live calls in real time .

Cong Nghe Tong Dai Ao La Gi Nhung Cong Nghe Pho Bien 3 Call recording

2.9 VoIP Softphone

Businesses want their employees to receive calls not  only at the office but can be flexible in other locations. This problem is usually solved by a VoIP Softphone.

A VoIP Softphone allows Agents to practice calling on their PC or optimal phone .

3. Conclusion

Above is all the information about virtual PBX technology that we want to share with you. Hope the above article will bring you a lot of useful information. Good luck!

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