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What is VoIP Gateway? Find out detailed information about VoIP Gateway 2022

VoIP Gateway today is interested by many businesses because the more popular the use of VoIP is, businesses want to take advantage of all the inherent functions of VoIP applied to their business. Learn more about voice gateway devices with Lokas through the article below.

1. What is VoIP Gateway?

Voip Gateway is a device used to convert signals back and forth between analog phones, waves, mobile numbers to IP format. They are used for communication purposes and are used in two basic cases:

Voip Gateway La Gi Tim Hieu Chi Tiet Ve Voip Gateway VoIP Gateway concept

1.1, Converting calls on PSTN/telephone lines to Voip/SIP:

The voip gateway device converts signals from VNPT, Viettel, FPT, … and supplies from CO, trunk E1/T1/J1, Bri, SS7,…. into the data network system inside the enterprise.

1.2, Connecting a traditional PBX/telephone system to an IP network:

Voip gateway converts signal from traditional analog PBX to IP-style protocol. Allows businesses to increase the number of users through Softphone software, IP phone equipment, …. Voip solution combined with this device helps to reduce line costs, connecting many branches of the switchboard just through Internet, LAN/WAN internal network.

2. How many types of VoIP Gateways are there?

There are four common types of VoIP Gateways:

Voip Gateway La Gi Tim Hieu Chi Tiet Ve Voip Gateway 1 Types of Voip Gateway

2.1 Voice gateway FXO

  • As a conversion device from IP noble analog signal
  • Connect PSTN roads (Viettel, VNPT..) to IP signals as well as keep the old prefix cluster.
  • From the post office line is still connected in the FXO gate of the gateway
  • Only one LAN port gnawed into the Voice gateway FXO to communicate with the IP PBX

2.2 Voice Gateway Voice gateway FXS

  • It is a device that converts IP signals to analog
  • Used to connect from IP PBX to analog phones
  • Purpose to keep old analog desk phones when upgrading from analog PBX to IP PBX

2.3 Voice Gateway E1

  • Is a device that converts signals from E1 stream to IP PBX, keeping digital terminals in the form of E1 stream
  • Preserve the numbers that are in the form of an E1 stream from the analog PBX to the IP PBX.
  • Connect the E1 stream to the IP PBX for carriers that have not yet provided sip trunking service

2.4 Voice Gateway GSM

  • Device to convert from mobile sim to IP PBX to PBX
  • Combine with IP PBX to make a call out solution to save 80% of charges.
  • Take advantage of the carrier’s promotional sim to make the mobile number a hotline for the switchboard
  • There are antennas to receive mobile waves.

3. Functions of VoIP Gateway

Voip Gateway La Gi Tim Hieu Chi Tiet Ve Voip Gateway 2 Functions of VoIP Gateway

3.1 Gateway signaling SGW

Provides a signaling channel between an IP network and a circuit-switched network. A signaling gateway is an intermediary that switches between signaling in an IP network (eg H.323) and signaling in a circuit switched network (eg R2, CCS7). The signaling gateway possesses the following functions:

  • Function to connect call control protocols.
  • The signaling termination function from the circuit-switched network: Coordinating the operation with the signaling functions of the Gateway that controls the transmission of the voice channel.
  • Signaling function: Switches signaling between IP networks and non-coordinated circuit-switched network signaling that works with a voice channel transport control gateway.
  • Packet-switched network interface function: The end of a packet-switched network.
  • Signaling channel security function: Ensure the security of signaling channel connected with terminals.
  • Management function: Communicate with the network management system.
  • Usage log function: Defines or records event (access, alert) and resource information.
  • Reporting function of usage messages: Report used messages to the peripheral.

3.2 Gateway transports the MGM . voice channel

Provides the means to perform the encoding conversion function. It will convert between the encodings in the IP network to those transmitted in the circuit-switched network. The voice channel transport gateway consists of the following function blocks:

  • Channel store switching function: Provides an IP store for information channels transmitted and received.
  • Stream switching function: Conversion of information flows between IP networks and circuit-switched networks includes encoding conversion and echo cancellation.
  • Transcoding function: Routes message flows between the IP network and the circuit-switched network.
  • Circuit-switched network interface function: Termination and control of channels carrying information from the circuit-switched network.
  • The function of switching the message channel between the IP network and the circuit-switched network: Switching between the channel containing the voice, fax, and data information of the circuit-switched network and the data packets in the IP circuit. It also performs favorite signal processing functions such as: voice compression, echo cancellation, encoding, fax conversion and analog modem speed regulation. In addition, it performs the conversion between DTMF multi-frequency codec signals in circuit-switched networks and matching signals in IP telephony networks when voice encoders do not encode multi-frequency code signals. DTMF. The message channel switching function between IP and circuit switched networks can also collect packet traffic and channel quality information for each call for use in call control and aspect reporting.
  • Management function: Transaction with network management system.
  • Usage message logging: Define or log event (access, alert) and resource messages.
  • Report usage messages function: Report used messages to the external device.

4. Conclusion

Above is all the information about VoIP Gateway that we want to share with you. Hope the above article will bring you a lot of useful information. Good luck!

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