What is VoIP? Learn more about VoIP 2022 technology

In the era of technology 4.0, many terms appear that sometimes make us wonder. For example, VoIP is applied every day in life, but What is VoIP, not everyone can understand. So what are you waiting for, let’s decode and learn about VoIP technology right away so as not to miss anything about the surrounding life.

1. What is VoIP?

Have you ever heard and known about VoIP? If not, do not skip  learning about VoIP technology . This is essentially an acronym for the phrase Voice Over Internet Protocol. Translated into Vietnamese means voice over internet protocol – making phone calls over the internet. Or in other words easier to understand than the audio transmitted over the internet protocol.

Voip La Gi Tim Tieu Chi Tiet Ve Voip 2022 The concept of VoIP

VoIP overview shows that VoIP technology uses packet switching technology. Or encapsulated packets transmitted over the internet environment. Meanwhile, the old voice transmission technology uses circuit switching. Did you know that circuit switching requires a lot of conditions attached. The first is to use a separate infrastructure.

Meanwhile, callback switching can take advantage of the internet infrastructure. At this time, on the same infrastructure, you can use mail, the web, and can make video calls and make phone calls. To do this, the phone lines will have built-in protocols, connected to a service provider’s IP PBX.

IP phones have the same structure and shape as regular desk phones. Connected directly to the LAN via Ethernet cable, RJ45 interface or voice software (softphone) installed on the computer.

So what is a Voip phone? VoIP phone users will make calls to any phone that also uses the software. So what is VoIP, or what is a VoIP phone, you must have understood?

2. Connection forms of Voip software in enterprises

Now you know what VoIP is, right? Next, let’s learn about VoIP’s connection forms.

Voip La Gi Tim Tieu Chi Tiet Ve Voip 2022 1 VoIP connection forms

In an enterprise environment, VoIP technology is commonly found in the form of a hardware connection (through a phone or adapter) or a software connection (through some calling application).
The most common method of using VoIP is with traditional telephones. There are many ways to apply VoIP technology with traditional analog phones, digital phones also known as VoIP phones.

2.1 VoIP with Analog Phone

Since voice transmission in Voip takes place over the Internet, a regular phone won’t respond. However, there is an adapter called the Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA), also known as the FSX gateway, that is capable of converting analog telephone signals into digital signals that can be transmitted over the Internet.

2.2 VoIP phone (VoIP with IP phone)

When you buy an IP phone, you don’t need an ATA adapter to connect to the Internet. Simply plug your phone directly into a network-enabled Ethernet port, and it will communicate from the Internet to the VoIP service you’ve subscribed to.

2.3 VoIP with Analog to IP converter

Some companies make hardware that can plug into an Ethernet jack in the house to convert a standard phone into a phone that can use Voip. This hardware has a web portal that is used to view calls, check voicemail, and establish integration with other services.

The cheapest way to use Voip is to connect a headset with a microphone to a computer, but requires the Voip software to transmit your voice to the recipient using the same software. In addition, there are many Voip applications that are capable of making standard phone calls. Some of the most popular Voip software applications:  Skype, Jabber, Google Hangout, Google Voice .

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3. What is VoIP application actually used for?

What is VoIP phone, what is VoIP, the concepts that we just clarified. But how is VoIP technology and its application, still a question mark that many people leave open.

Voip La Gi Tim Tieu Chi Tiet Ve Voip 2022 2 Practical application

3.1 OTT . Applications

Surely many people are still confused about VoIP in the actual application? VoIP is most popular in OTT application. Do you know what OTT is? OTT is an acronym for Over-the-top app.

This is a specialized term to refer to audio applications and audio and video content provided on the internet platform. Of course, the application of VoIP at OTT will not have a single provider can interfere. For example: Facebook, Zalo, Skype, Viber, Telegram, ..

3.1 VoIP PBX, VoIP phone, Softphone

Besides applications using VoIP software, there is also a built-in phone system. A variety of terminal equipment such as software softphone, IP phone, gateway, VoIP PBX, Softphone, VoIP phone.

4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Voip technology?

4.1. What are the advantages of VoIP technology?

  • Free internal calling : Voip technology connects completely over the internet, so the concept of internal here is no longer limited to geographical locations. Suitable for companies with many branches, chain stores will save 100% of internal contact costs.
  • Easy operation and management : Remote management can be applied, when changing offices, the relocation and resetting is also very simple.
  • Easy expansion : When you need to expand the system, you just need to buy more phone equipment and set up for the office, expanding on the PBX system is very easy.
  • Outstanding features  compared to old analog technology: Recording, call history management, automatic answering, intelligent call distribution, …
  • Unlimited concurrent calls : On the old analog technology, each channel can only make 1 call at the same time, causing the device to be busy. With Voip technology, a transmission line can make multiple calls simultaneously. The bandwidth of each call is only about 100kb/call, which is very little compared to the currently used fiber optic packages, up to several tens of MB.
  • Regardless of the user’s geographical location : Anywhere, as long as there is internet, you can connect and use …

4.2. What are the disadvantages of VoIP technology?

  • Required to have electricity, the network can be used : Today, there are many options for backing up the power source such as using generators and UPS. Backup for the network, you can pull more lines to use as backup when 1 connection has problems.
  • Because the call is made through the internet environment, it means that the data will be transmitted in the internet environment, so there will be a lot of problems related to data security, hacking (robbing charges).

5. Conclusion

Above is all the information about VoIP that we want to share. Good luck!

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