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What is watermark? Learn more about Watermark

For a long time, inserting Watermark into documents and images to mark copyright has become familiar to most users. It is both a way of conveying the brand of the individual organization to the readers. In particular, Watermark also has the role of preventing the opponent’s copying. So  what is Watermark  that has such a great function? Let’s find out the information below to know more about Watermark even at home!

1. What is watermark?

Watermark is translated as watermark, presented as a text, image, logo, slogan or phone number, but they are blurred and not as clear as the original.

Watermark La Gi Tim Hieu Ve Watermark The concept of Watermark

Watermark is understood as a recognizable sign such as text, Image, logo or slogan of your own or your company that is printed or embossed, blurred behind the image.

The purpose of this job is to mark or set out a sign to recognize that it is your product.

When someone else takes your photo or document to use on their website. By default, people know that it’s your photo.

2. Commonly used watermarks

Currently, Watermark is commonly used in the following 3 forms:

Watermark La Gi Tim Hieu Ve Watermark 1 2 Popular types of Watermark


2.1 Insert logo on image or word file when you want to transfer to another place

  • Step 1 : Visit the computer page and then select the image or drag and drop the image to use.
  • Step 2 : Select the image you want to insert the logo and click open to complete step 2.
  • Step 3 . Select the image to use as the logo. Then you click the image selection button to download the Logo you want to use. Next, select the logo and click open.
  • Step 4 : Use the tool to adjust up or down,… for the Logo in the right position you want.
  • Step 5 : You use the main functions to adjust the Logo properly: The rotation helps rotate the logo 360 degrees to your liking. Size to adjust the size of the logo to fit the image. The button displays the transparency of the logo to make sure the logo looks better than the main image.
  • Step 6 : Select the start button to save the image to the folder you want.

2.2 Insert a picture on a word file to avoid copying the owner’s information

Step 1 : On the Ribbon toolbar, you need to select the Design Tab to choose. Then select the Watermark item, continue to select “Custom Watermark”.

Step 2 : The “Printed Watermark” dialog box appears on the screen. Then, you can insert the image on the text background as you like.

3.Insert information on the word file to avoid copying the owner’s information

Step 1: On the “Printed Watermark” dialog box  , click on the items and edit them accordingly. First, click on  “Text Watermark”  to select the language you require (1). Then type the text you want to enter (2). Continue to choose the font (3). Choose a color (4) Create a transparent effect, you tick the box “Semitransparent” (5). Finally you choose the type of expression (6). You continue to click on  “Diagonal”  if you want to create a watermark diagonally or select  “Semi transparent”  if you want to create a watermark horizontally. Finally, you click the  “OK” button  to complete the operation of inserting watermark on the text background so that it is reasonable.

3. What is the meaning of using Watermark?

Watermark La Gi Tim Hieu Ve Watermark 2 Meaning of using Watermark

3.1 Anti-copying illegally or without the consent of the work owner

Especially in online sales, or even the reuse of each other’s images is common. When your competitors illegally reuse your images to make their own tools, it is essential to apply Watermark to their work. You can use a watermark logo, hotline or your name on the back of the photo. This ensures that you can easily protect your work.

3.2 Support to promote and increase brand coverage

The use of Watermark is one of many elements used by famous brands to promote your brand easily.

In addition to protecting the copyright of your work, you can also use Watermark as one of the tools to introduce your company. If your photos are of good quality, a lot of people will take your photos to share and post.

This is not harmful, but on the contrary, it will make it much easier for your business to be promoted. This is the strength of Watermark to help you develop your brand potential.

3.3 Creating the highlight of the work

The care in your work from detail to watermark can also help you to impress your audience. In addition to being copyrighted, they also give a creative touch to your own or company’s photos.

4. Conclusion

Above are useful knowledge related to watermark. Hope this article has brought you useful knowledge about the watermark tool in word. Good luck. Please like and share this post if you find it interesting!

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