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What is wireframe? Uses and how to set up Wireframe

What is wireframe ? It is an important tool for product interface design. Wireframe is used as a common language to help developers, product managers and designers understand each other and make common developments for the product. Therefore, Wireframe has an irreplaceable role in the design process of a product. If readers are still wondering about the definition and usage of Wireframe, let’s follow Teky in this article!

1. What is Wireframe?

The definition of Wireframe is a skeleton, a wire structure. So from this Vietnamese meaning, we have partly understood what Wireframe shows. Wireframe is understood as the framework of the design of a product on the Website or an application in UI/UX.

Wireframe Lap Lap Wireframe Wireframe Concepts

Wireframe allows users to visualize the interface of any application or product. It consists of black and white blocks, without any colors or textures. This helps the designer to clearly see the most basic structure of the product/application without being distracted by other elements.

Looking at the Wireframe, the designer can easily visualize the basic structure for planning editing and development. Instead of performing improvements in the final design, using Wireframe saves more time and effort. When an idea or structure needs change, it won’t have a knock-on effect on other parts. Wireframe’s minimalism is essential amid the plethora of information about different colors, fonts, and images.

2. Advantages and disadvantages of Wireframe

2.1 Advantages

Wireframe has many outstanding advantages and receives the attention of many people. Wireframe helps users visualize the structure and hierarchy of the web. At the same time, it can also be adjusted, the agreement is simpler. When there is a web with dozens of hierarchies, Wireframe will help the designer to use it most easily and intelligently.

When working with Wireframe, designers will save time and effort on creating shapes, background information and colors, etc. It also plays an important role in defining important content. heart. Not only that, Wireframe is also a common vision for many product development members.

Wireframe Lap Lap Wireframe 1 Advantages and disadvantages of Wireframe

2.2 Cons

The downside of Wireframe is that it requires content and developers. Information related to the source code of applications and products will greatly affect the interface, so there is a need for the development and coordination of the team.

Other than that, Wireframe is just regular raw. Therefore, the details, and information are omitted, the designer needs to know the information of the project to be able to develop reasonably and properly.

There are quite a few people who don’t understand Wireframe well enough to lose the basics and reduce work efficiency. These disadvantages can almost all be easily overcome.

3. How to set up Wireframe

You don’t need to be a professional designer to create your own Wireframe. Wireframe is made up of very small details. Therefore, designers can use simple tools such as pens, rulers, etc. to draw by hand. The simple setup steps can be summarized as follows:

Wireframe Lap Lap Wireframe 2 How to set up Wireframe

  • Exploit specific, clear ideas for Wireframe.
  • Create a step-by-step process, shortening completion and implementation time.
  • Selecting the optimal Wireframe design tool.
  • Define a clear layout.
  • Defines the Wireframe information hierarchy. Defining hierarchies will aid in more useful detailed design, ensuring much better quality.
  • Fine-tuning the details will make it easier for users to design in detail, ensuring that the optimization is more complete than the optimal skill design.
  • Convert Wireframe into an intuitive interface that is easy to observe and evaluate. This is also a feature that makes it easy to test and run, easy to check and fix errors when there are.

Wireframe implementation steps are easy in practice and have certain limitations. Nowadays, designers create Wireframe on computer platforms. There are famous graphic design software used to support creating Wireframe simpler such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign …

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