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What to do to keep the virtual PBX connection when there is a power outage or the Internet?

The replacement of virtual PBX for traditional physical PBX software has helped businesses minimize risks and problems that may occur during operation. However, no software will be perfect in every way. Operations on a virtual PBX are completely dependent on the internet, so it is inevitable that there will be interruptions during use when there is a power outage or a sudden internet outage.

The following article will share how to keep the virtual PBX connection working uninterrupted.

How to stay connected to a virtual PBX during a power outage or the Internet

1. Forward calls from switchboard to phone number

This is a very effective way to keep the connection of the virtual PBX in the event of a sudden power failure. VoIP PBX system has the function of forwarding calls from the switchboard to the personal phone number of the consultant, helping customers’ calls to the business always go smoothly despite any sudden circumstances. . For example, outside of switchboard hours, sudden power failure, unstable internet connection, etc. To do that, when setting up the switchboard, you just need to register the numbers to call outside the system, set up the function. Automatic call forwarding and finally configurable according to business needs.

Lam Gi De Giu Ket Noi Tong Dai Ao When Bi Mat Dien Transfer calls to phone numbers

2. Connect to backup power

Once it has been determined that the enterprise’s internal phone system is interrupted due to a power failure. You need to connect the system to a backup power source such as a UPS, generator, etc. that you have.

Lam Gi De Giu Ket Noi Tong Dai Ao When Bi Mat Dien 1 Backup power supply

To restore the system to normal operation, you need to supply power to your internet connection, for example modem, router, switch, VoIP phone…

However you also need to determine which internet provider for your Business is not affected by the outage. In case the problem comes from the internet provider itself, you need to contact them immediately for the system to work properly.

3. Switch from voice call to voicemail

When there is a sudden power failure, you are confused as to how to keep the call connection with the customer. Don’t worry because the virtual switchboard supports voicemail function, customers can leave their messages, needs and questions. Voicemail can be saved even if the power is lost or the network connection is lost. Alternatively, you can also set up voicemail to email forwarding for easier handling.

4. Look for a backup internet provider

The cloud PBX system is completely dependent on electricity and the internet, so to ensure more stability and call quality, in addition to backup power, you also need to look for a backup internet service provider for few emergencies. Because sometimes, the unstable internet connection may be caused by that internet provider.

5. Choose a reliable VoIP provider

In fact, sometimes interruptions to the virtual PBX system happen on the part of the providers. Therefore, in addition to dealing with problems arising at the enterprise such as power failure, internet failure, etc., you also need to pay attention to choosing a stable operating provider.

Lam Gi De Giu Ket Noi Tong Dai Ao When Bi Mat Dien 2 Trusted VoIP Provider

In addition, you also need to put the problem of possible problems in the future and ask the design provider to build a system to ensure the continuous operation is always at the highest level.

6. Transfer calls to another business location

If your office needs to deal with customers over the phone, you must act quickly to keep calls from being interrupted.

If your company has multiple locations, you can route all calls to another office. This quick fix is ​​common in Call Centers when they have a problem and need to divert all calls to another external group.

Make sure your phone service provider has the necessary features to do this. With Worldfone, you simply tell us you want to enable location forwarding and we’ll take care of all your needs.


Above is all the information we want to share. Good luck!

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